Just got back from shuffling. Gotta interview a guy at 10am tomorrow. Blargh. So early. Whoops. Need to stop complaining. It’s great that I can influence who we hire so that we only hire the amazingly impressive people.

Dance competition / performance is this Saturday. Which means that it’s…. less than 48 hours away. Whoa. Too crazy.

I’ve been thinking about EDC alot. I really want to go… but if I do go it throws a wrench into my existing travel plans. Plus it’ll cost a small fortune. But…. I think my reasons / excuses for not going is rooted in fear. Fear that I’ll be poor… or just bad reasons like I rather stay at home and sleep. On one hand… a lot of my friends are going and it’s almost like… it’s now or never. On the other hand… it’s never too late~

I think it’s almost time for another future me email. Since… I think my future is too uncertain. Well… I’ve planned it a certain way… and so far it’s Keikaku no doori. But… man… I gotta say taking the leap is really scary man. It’s just really scary. Sigh. Whatever. I’m sure I can do it.

I learned the reverse t step. So now I’ll be able to all all the things…. almost. I started taking my dominican republic vaccines and drugs. It’s… so close. My vacation. Can’t wait.