It’s close to 3am. I just finished showering after getting back from the gym. I was really tempted to skip the gym. Because I could’ve slept. And I was playing video games before going to the gym. Playing video games would’ve been so much better. But then I felt like I needed to rush and stop the video games in order to get to the gym. Weird. Rushing to a save point and quitting so I can get to the gym.

The night time walk. I don’t remember when I started doing them. But I really enjoy walks at 1am or just late at night. It’s pure darkness and total silence. It’s so nice. I think part of the reason that I prefer the late night workouts is that I enjoy the late night walks. And then when I got to the gym. There was only one other person besides me. Man. For some reason that just made me really happy. I have the entire gym to myself. I work out when other people are sleeping. The pure silence at the gym is quite nice also.

I’m gonna miss the late night walks in fidi. The buildings are actually really nice. And tonight felt like summer. It’s still 20C degrees. Even at 3am. Only in San Francisco. I’m gonna struggle to wake up tomorrow morning. But I think it’s the good kind of struggle. Like.. totally worth it. I guess the alternative is someone working minimum wage and working multi jobs and shifts.

I think survival on minimum wage would be way too hard. But that’s a long topic for another day. Well. Time to have some strawberries and read some high output management. Life is good.