Wow. I’ll be flying to Dominican Republic in… 48 hours. It’s… kinda crazy that… uh. The vacation that I’ve so looked forward to is here. I’m excited. But at the same time… it’s kinda surreal. March just flew by. Damn.

My rigged draft magic deck is getting quite good.

I’m so sleepy… but I don’t wanna sleep. That’s kinda messed up. I wrote down a list of shit that I still need to pack and do before vacation. Calling the credit card company that I’m travelling. That’s new. And really annoying. Even though it only takes 5 minutes. I wish that uh… they were smart enough to realize that I bought tickets and am travelling. But whatever. I should instead be grateful that I can travel with plastic instead of worrying about cash.

I’ve been playing legend of dragoon recently. It’s uh.. the nostalgia factor is quite entertaining. I’m surprised by how much that I liked it.. or still like it. Despite the fact that there’s some really tedious things to do.

Yeah. Just so much to do. I’m looking forward to just a day of doing nothing on the beach. An entire day. And then coming back hella brown.