Oh man. I woke up so dead sore. I had chest pains. Lucky for me I quickly realized that it was from doing too much bench press. In the past…. when I had chest pains… I was always worried I was gonna die or not be able to breathe. But now I realize that it’s just muscle soreness.

I bought dominican republic chocolate for my friend who visiting from la. I only have two more boxes left. o.o. We watched btoom… the first 3 episodes. It was okay. On the walk back I decided to get boba. I got honey lemon green tea. At 10:30pm… on my walk home from anime night with friends. Life is pretty good.

We were talking about hikkimori and neets and stuff. And when I do my one year in japan… I’ll officially be a neet. That’s freaking awesome. Except I’ll be a neet that can’t communicate with other neets or speak japanese. Hue hue.

I can’t wait to be a neet. It’ll be a dream come true. Lol. Neet in Japan. I just google neetinjapan. It’s available. Don’t register it… I’ll register it when I actually move to japan and become a neet. Damn.

Mostly just planning lunches and stuff. Selling my shit is hard. I think I might need to sell on ebay instead of craigslist. With ebay you can sell to all of america… with craigslist… you can sell to 800k / 300M+…. which is less than .1% of america. Damn.

There’s these magic cards that I really wanna buy that’ll cost me ~$40. I told myself I’ll only buy it after I sell my guitar + rocksmith + wire for $50… so hopefully I sell it soon. I think my magic motivation will be what motivates me to post it on ebay and then use shyp to ship it. It’ll probably end up only netting me $30… but I’ll have sold off my junk. Minimialism in japan. I’m not gonna be buying any clothes or new toys. Besides a TV, PS4, desktop pc, speakers, and kotatsu. And maybe some kitchen stuff. Whoa… time travel.