damn. selling stuff is still so time consuming. like… i wanna sell my stuff but it’s hard to find buyers on craigslist.

i got back from the gym just now and finished ordering papa johns. i think i’m gonna stop focusing on my streak and instead try and write more higher quality material. consistent quantity is better but i think i default to lazy crap.

this weekend was meant to be a recovery / rest weekend and yet i managed to get so much done so that’s good. i tried installing kubuntu 16.04 on my laptop and it didn’t work at all. but in the process of cleaning out my laptop… i realized that i haven’t really booted into it for the past maybe 4 months. i haven’t ran the days script until yesterday. i wish i saved the output.

i wrote the script in 2015. to count the days since jan 1st 2015. and the percentage of the year that’s passed. and when i ran it yesterday… it was over 100%. i’m pretty sure i did a 2015 retrospective though.. but damn.

i also started looking into new computer parts since i’ll be building on soon. cpu improvements has really slowed. my 3570k is like better than 6600k in some cases. that’s crazy. i can’t wait for amd zen to kick some intel butt.

starving… and waiting for pizza. i’ll maybe write another post once i’m done eating.