hmmm. fanime was a pretty big time bend. go look up the time bending ted talk if you wanna know what i mean.

i’ve been thinking about what i’ll be putting on this blog… and in the end i decided on just it being sort of a public diary met for myself. it’ll be a place for me to reflect and brain dump my random ideas and theories. i’ll just write about all my bouts of crazy here. like the times where i keep thinking that my place will get robbed because i didn’t lock the door etc.

i think i just wanna write for myself. since writing more makes you a better writer and communicator. and also just brain dumping is therapeutic. i had to look up the spelling. so i guess it also improves my english speling. thera. peutic. that’s how you remember how to spell that word.

last day of work. was way different than i imagined it. but it was good. and life is good. i’m thankful for… decisive. and also bruce lee. i recently read the quote. of his that from my memory is basically. take what is good. discard the useless. and add it to your style.

i think… i incorporated all the different skills and learnings to turn myself into a badass. moving to sf was pretty crazy. and i think moving to japan will be what takes me to the next level.