So. I basically just completed day 1 of japan. I’ve been in Japan approximately 24 hours… and just wow. My mind is blown.

When I landed… I bought my sim card after much struggles. But I got a data sim with 2gb of data good for 3 months so… life is good. Took the bus to Tokyo from Narita and then took the subway line to Waseda where the guy picked me up right on time. Wow. The subway is packed. Packed. around 5pm.

It’s so strange. I’m getting the feeling of… like when I was visiting New York. Grand Central Station reminds me of the movies. The thing is… any random street in Tokyo reminds me of scenes from anime/movies. It’s what everything is based off of. Mind. Blown. I had ramen for dinner yesterday. It cost me less than 1000 yen and I bought it from a vending machine. It was delicious.

Slept for 12 hours straight around 9pm to 9am. Then I woke up… and it was raining like crazy. I bought a black umbrella like a newb but then I lost it today by leaving it somewhere… so I guess I’ll get the chance to buy the correct umbrella. Protip: Get the clear umbrella because it let’s you see where you’re going during heavy rainfall.

For breakfast all I had was an onigiri from convenience store. It was delicious and 100 yen. That’s $1. In SF, on Kearny there’s this place called Onigiri. And it’s like $5 each. Man. I feel so spoiled. It’s just so amazing. I went to a couple of rental agencies to search for places. It was quite painful to deal with… and holy shit the complete move in cost for a place was like $800k yen. Which is like 8000 USD. O.O. I think I’m going to just end up using something from gaijin pot which is a website created specifically for foreigners.

The highlight of the search was… omg. I was sitting in the rental agency. And Exile came on the radio. SHIET son. It’s like… wow. Japanese music from my music collection is being played in public places. Omg. Exile. Also… the rental agency worker who was showing me the places… his cellphone screensaver was an AKB idol. I’m with my people yoooooo. Life is so good. I’m pretty amazed.

There was a period of time when I was sad… because my shared house is really ghetto. Like… there’s mosquitoes everywhere and the shower is a pain. The toilets are dirty. But. It’s just a cheap airbnb. And it’s only temporary. And I’m still hella spoiled. It’s hot with no AC. But still… totally worthy it. I gotta appreciate and be thankful for the greatness than is Tokyo.

I had ramen for lunch. Oh. I also had a iced mocha for $3 in a fancy cafe. The exile and being surrounded by my people. So good. The exile. SO GOOD. I think I’m just too excited. I think I’m gonna probably just live in a 1K or something since it’s the cheapest and I don’t wanna live in something that I can’t afford. For now the next steps is to find housing, setup internet, find a gym and then do my thing.

It’s crazy that… I’m literally living my dream from ~3 years ago. I’ve always wanted to live in Japan and now I’m living my dream. But I think I need to make the next goal post… so that I don’t waste time and just end up playing video games. First housing… but I think I might know what I want now. I was a bit… lost and directionless. But I think I’m found. :)