I’ve been sick for the past 3 days. It kinda blows my mind. I mean… I haven’t been sick since… probably 2 years? Or maybe it’s just selective memory. Wow. I’ve been sick for about 4 days. That’s crazy.

I went to comiket… despite being sick. I was coughing really badly, but then I went to the gym and ran a mile without coughing… so then I decided that I was good enough to go to comiket with my friend. Comiket… genshiken in real life. Lol. Heh. It’s like a dream come true… except I think I’m already beyond that dream. I didn’t buy anything and the experience of the crowds.. bleh. But comiket was right next to odaiba which is where the gundam statue is so I got to visit the gundam after comiket. Then after that… I went to luxury yakiniku. My senpai from america treated me to luxury yakiniku. Hue hue. It was like $150… I feel so lucky. Before that we had $5 donburi for lunch. While I definitely enjoyed yakiniku more… I think if you price enjoyment/dollars the donburi is much better for me.

I spent the last 3 days basically just playing persona 5 on new game+ in safety mode. I miss new game+… it’s so satisfying to one shot everything. Especially shit that killed me in the original playthrough. It’s like… boom. I’m back for revenge. loool. But seriously, I was suppose to wrap up the ios app and get that submitted… and I’m gonna just give myself a two week extension… cause the new years is a time for me to focus on the macro and the big direction. 2016 is pretty much in the books… I’m really excited to review my 2016 compared to what I originally predicted / wanted. Heh. My rough guess is that.. I hit all the major ones while also being overly ambitious in my plans resulting in too much unreached goals.

I’m thankful for Maishoku. It’s the eat24 of Japan. I wish I could use ubereats, but that’s only in the shibuya area. I ordered two donburi’s to my house for $20. It was delicious and it arrived in 30 minutes. I didn’t have to leave my house at all today. The shut in life… is the dream. lol. but seriously, the donburi was so delicious. I just had chocolate chip cookies for dessert, I have pocky in my house. And lots of green tea ice cream. heh.

This is a thankful post and a short report I guess. My new years week is… going to be interesting since I already have plans with people. But besides that, I want to remind myself to work hard when I’m healthy. I’ve been taking it really easy since I’ve been sick. Just relaxing and playing persona 5… that’s fine - but at the same time I gotta focus more on working when I’m healthy. I’ve been taking it for granted… since it seems that I’m always healthy… I can always wait until I feel even better / more in the zone before I work… but that’s not the case. Meditation -> focus -> work when you can leads to results.

Three months in Japan… I wouldn’t say I’m even close to fluent… which was my initial goal. But at the same time… being able to understand 90% of persona 5… heh. I feel pretty badass. In that way maybe I exceeded my goals. lol. todo - work and push myself more when I’m healthy and don’t take my perfect health for granted. Just enjoy each moment as it is :)