My last commit was December 24th. That’s when I last wrote code. So I basically took a 3 week vacation… and recently I still haven’t been coding. But it’s okay.

I think I use to be too hard on myself. So I’m just gonna chill and take it easy. I’m gonna believe that I’ll naturally gravitate towards making my dream a reality. I still been having residue sickness… today I went to the gym and actually coughed on the treadmill. I’m so much weaker compared to my peak before my hiatus. I also been missing dance classes. Jpop dance classes has restarted…. I’m looking forward to it. Hehe. The other day I coincidentally went to the gym during jpop dance class time and ran into my instructor who gave me a personal invitation hehe.

Oh man. The new years resolutions are in full swing at the gym. I guess it’s good for them… I hope that they make it to the end of the year. But for me… it’s bad. I had to line up to take a shower… it was a bunch of naked guys dicks out in a line waiting to shower / seat shower. -.-“ Not something I’m used to… but I guess I’m getting accustomed to it.

I started playing FFXV more… I think I’m just gonna do the first playthrough in English… because otherwise it’s kinda annoying. I mean. Hmmmm. I guess I’ll stick with Japanese first. But the point is… I looked at the guide for getting Ultima weapon. Apparently you can get it in chapter 3… and now I can’t wait to get it. I had to switch to english to realize that cid was asking me to unequip my sword before he would upgrade it. Anyways, initial thoughts are FFXV is a worthy sequel to FFXV. It’s better than FFXIII. I’m gonna pretend that FFXIII didn’t exist… FFXII was an amazing game imo. So I’m hoping FFXV will be just as good. I already know it isn’t as good as Persona 5. FFXV just doesn’t feel polished. The long ass loading screens, the stupid quest exp system to be more western like. I wish they just went full Japan like Persona 5. Persona 5 takes place using the fucking tokyo subway system. Like damn. Can you get any more Japanese than that? Yet… it’s a masterpiece.

I need to schedule a haircut… it’ll be my last haircut before my Atsushi. It’s still too cold… else I’d Atsushi it up now. Man. I had… Aburasoba today. OMG. It’s like… so good. It’s like ramen without the soup. Different from tsukemen though. Shiet… Japan life is just so amazing. I seriously think it’s too good… like. When Japan ends… I think that’s one of the reasons that I’m almost anti working. Like. If Japan goes perfect then I can theoretically just Japan forever. But on the other hand… the future is uncertain… and uncertainty makes me lazy. In a way. I guess I gotta embrace uncertainty and yet still work hard. /shrug.

When I’m fully healthy. Hehe. For now… gonna play some FFXV… after watching the GSL. Shit. I’m watching the GSL in korea time. Japan time == Korea time. Damn. Like. I’m watching GSL live… without struggling. It’s right around dinner time. My life is so good. I’m so thankful. Thanks to past alan I’m able to live such a good life. I gotta work hard so that future alan can live a great life. heh.