Okay. I’m writing it down in public. I’m going to consistently write twice a week. Thursdays and Sundays.

Today… I quit on the treadmill. It was… disappointing. I’m not gonna be too hard on myself since I hit a pretty big milestone last week. I hit 16 km/h for 7 minutes 2 days ago. I took a day off to rest… and I was expecting to hit 16.3 for 7 minutes today… but I quit at 6 minutes. =__=. Sigh. My fitbit said my heartrate was a measly 172. The thing is.. I know that my body can handle it… yet I mentally gave up. And that’s the worse.

Recently I’ve been farming FFXV so much. I’ve killed Angelus probably 200+ times. I got 9x V2s already and I think I’m gonna stop. 9x V2 and 3x ribbons for my 12 accessory slots. Heh. Man. I got really obsessed with farming my FFXV v2 gear for some reason. It totally distracted me from work. It’s one week from January 29th. Which means January is almost fucking over. Shit. I’m gonna get my android app out in January. That’s the plan. I still believe that I’ll be able to do it. But shit… I took a pretty big break from FFXV.

I gotta work on practicing more Japanese. I think I’m at a level of fluency where I can communicate brokenly, but at the same time. Whenever I’m with people that speak english/chinese I have a tendency to revert to a language I’m actually fluent in instead of practicing Japanese.

Recently… It feels like I’m always on the edge of being sick. And what happens is on my ‘rest’ days I tend to go out with my friends and take the subway. I think taking the subway and going out just makes me sicker. Bleh. I think city life is full of sick people cause it’s a never ending cycle of infection. Blargh.

Well. Gonna clear the final mega dungeons in FFXV before doing new game+ for super easy ap farm and a 2nd pair of zwill crossblades. I gotta give ignis a pair after all. Heh.