Hmmm. Three good things about today. Let’s see. I went to the gym sick and I feel so much better now. Soo fucking won. Henry is back from his trip and we’re gonna have a party weekend. Hehe. Life is good.

Funny how the three happy things are also the biggest things. So today, this morning I woke up with a sore throat. I’ve been kinda sick since Monday. I think… being sick is a function of me being an idiot. I started watching Ice Fantasy which is a Chinese wuxia/fantasy show on Netflix. And they actually make it episodic on purpose so each episode always leaves you hanging. Blargh. Anyways, I’ve been basically sleeping between 2~4am for the past… 5 days. I blame that for causing my sickness. Shitty low quality sleep generally leads to lower immune system and sickness. =

The good thing was that somehow went to the gym today. I guess I really gotta thank my habits. Today was the GSL at 630pm. I told myself I’d just go to the gym for a 15 minute run and some chill recovery time in the sauna. When I got there… even sick. The 15 minute run felt quite easy. I guess it’s a sign of goodness, if I can do the run while sick… I can’t wait till I’m healthy. It’s almost 6 months so I gotta hit the 30 minute 15km/h checkpoint. My yearly goal is 60 minutes of 15 km/h or 9mph. So I gotta make sure that I’m making consistent progress.

I’m so grateful that I’m living in Japan and that Japan has the same timezone as Korea. GSL RO8. Watching it live. OMG. Watching it live is so good. and watching Soo come back 0-2 against TY to win 3-2. That just blew my mind. Who doesn’t love the underdog story? Also… Soo… the silver surfer and the sufferer. I feel like… you just gotta root for someone who doesn’t give up despite all the setbacks that he’s endured. Soo is probably my favorite player to cheer for just because each time he got so close to the championship but each time someone else crushed him. I don’t think he chokes so much as that the other person is just better. Well… maybe a little bit of choking. But it’s so great that… he came back 0-2. That’s like… the champion mentality. It’s so easy to give up. But to come back from 0-2…. that’s manly.

Henry came back from his hike. So this weekend will be Japan clubbing. Hehe. Also drinking party and bbq. Damn. The other thing is… even though I was wasting a crazy amount of time watching Ice Fantasy… I still managed over 4 commits last week. I think… 4 commits per week while not ideal… is a pretty solid ‘shitty baseline’ and that’s pretty amazing. Yep. Life is good.