Damn. My real android app is blocked because I violated the android tos. Hopefully it’ll be ready for March 15. I’ll definitely resubmit it by then… but I’m at the mercy of google people.

I’ve been kinda doing the ios equivalents… but now I realize I gotta have an actual ios device to do a lot of the development…. which means I might not do an ios version at all… since the only ios device I want would be a completely waterproof iPhone… which should exist in the iPhone 8.

So Henry left and I’m all alone again… and it’s pretty awesome. I went to the gym today… ran one minute at 18 km/h. Did the spa cycle. I’m still weaker than peak me from December though… so I gotta work on that. Urgh. It’s unfortunate that I’m the type to lose muscle really quickly. Some of my friends just have insane baseline strength that makes me jealous.

I started watching Ajin. Damn. It’s so good. I watched 12 episodes in one day. hehe.

I think I might reorder the way I do my mobile apps. I might just make… 6x android apps. And then only port over to ios the ones that gain traction.

Meditation has been… weak. I think… I’ve just been taking it too easy. lmao. I’m struggling to sit in a chair for 30 minutes. Well. Just focusing on my breath is really hard. Blargh. What sucks is that… it’s a regression. It’s like. I KNOW that I’m better… and that I regressed. It’s just really demoralizing. Even though I know the mastery curve should expect regressions followed by a sharp jump. I guess… I just gotta keep meditating. It’s what I’ll do.

Now that my schedule is back to complete freedom and flexibility. Heh. Next week is packed with spending time with Japanese locals. Can’t wait to practice Japanese again. Oh man. Watching Ajin with Japanese subtitles. I can read the subtitles faster than they are spoken… now I just need to focus on the rare new kanjis… which are few and far between. I feel pretty badass.

I stopped planning my days and being thankful. So I think I’m gonna restart doing that. For today. I’m thankful that I finally scheduled desserts with this chinese girl living in Japan that was introduced to me by a friend. There’s so many levels of thankful. It’s like… thankful that I met the super cool friend in America. He’s a super cool guy. Thankful that I get to have desserts next Wednesday with a cute bilingual girl. Thankful that I finally made it happen. Today was actually just a really nice day. It’s almost sweater weather again.

During meditation… I think I just focus too much on the future. Meditation should help me rebalance this. I really just enjoyed the moment today during my sauna -> ice bath -> jacuzzi. Especially that last jacuzzi session. It’s like… I got nothing to worry about. My mind was pretty empty… just sitting in a hot tub in a beautiful gym in tokyo. Like damn.

My dream has been realized. I’m living it. Heh. That brings a pretty big smile to my face.