Let’s see. Exactly one week since last post. So not too bad.

My app is officially on the app store. Hue. Hue. Hue. It’s an mvp and hella glitchy… but I’m gonna start pushing my friends to get it soon. hue. hue.

Today was… really amazing. It’s like… the ideal day. It’s perfection. Today… woke up. Ordered 2 donburis to get delivered to my house. Ate lunch. Watched the GSL semi-finals… played Star Ocean 5. Went to the gym and did jpop dance. Came back… did a quick commit on my next android app. Followed by some more Star Ocean 5.

I think… for me with JRPGs. It just takes me awhile to get into it. For a long time… Star Ocean 5 was meh… but now I’m all excited for synthing lazer weapons again. In each game laser weapons are OP.

Thursday I went to the theme park in Sunshine city. Friday I went to a meetup/st patrick’s day party in shimbashi. Made some new friends and got to practice Japanese. I can listen at a native level, but I don’t understand shit. Urgh. Right now… I’m just repeating what I’m hearing in my mind to like… practice the listening. But it’s like… I wish I could understand. But soon. I feel like… it was just yesterday when everyone was talking too fast. Now everyone isn’t talking to fast. My typing using the Japanese cellphone input system is also much faster now. I think I can write whatever I want to say in like 30 seconds now. Damn.

I did the spa cycle today… so relaxing. Man. Japan life is so good. I definitely don’t want it to end. Even though I know that I’ll only be in Japan for… another 8 months. Damn. Only 8 more months of Japanese practice before I have to sell all my shit and return home.