Wow. Today was like… a near perfect day. It’s like… the kind of day that I dreamed of when I was living in SF.

Even though I didn’t start the day off good. I uh… woke up at 1pm. I slept at like… 3am the night before. Meditated for 30 minutes after waking up.

Had lunch with a bijin~ I finally got to try this place that I walked by. It was Japanese-styled pho. I think the serving size was small… it was definitely less pho compared to North American standards… but it was so good. And it reminded me of home because pho is universal. Also had a delicious delicious vietnamese styled coffee. The coffee is also universal and always good. The drip and condensed milk. OMG. So good.

Then had desserts + coffee at this other place. It’s this super cool place that I walked by before when I was exploring with another friend. The coffee shop was so good. It was smoke free, the coffee was delicious and the chocolate cake. OMG. OMG. OMG. Just writing about it brings a smile to my face. Shit. Don’t smile. You’ll get wrinkles.

Went to the gym at 7pm. I actually forgot my shorts. But, no big deal. I was like. Yo. I forgot my pants today in Japanese. And the guy was like no problem, it’s gonna be 400 yen to rent a pair of shorts. It would’ve taken me 30 minutes to walk back and forth… so fuck it. I paid a $4 lazy tax to rent a pair of shorts. I did my usual 10 minute run. 15.8 wow. THat’s like 9.8 mph. For 7 minutes. Hehehe. Still far from my 5 minute mile… but getting closer.

Then did bench + rows + leg curls. Couldn’t deadlift because only one rack and it was constantly taken. No biggie. I normally go during old people hours. This 8pm gym is a rare occurence. Then I did the sauna + ice bath + hot tub cycle. 3x. I did the full 3x cycle. Oh man. It’s so refreshing. It’s like… just thinking about it. The sauna it starts good, then you get some discomfort… and then it’s like a mental challenge. Same with the ice bath. Starts good… discomfort and mental challenge. Followed by pure zen in the hot tub. Damn. That cycle is so magical.

So anyways. My friend told me his mom told him that smiling gives you wrinkles. So don’t smile. And since hearing that I’ve been trying not to smile. And I notice that… I actually smile way to much. Maybe it’s because I’m actually aware that I’m smiling now. Or maybe I’m just more cheerful. Anyways… today was a day full of smiles. Whatever. Life is pretty damn good.

Came home at like 10pm. I bought some ingredients. I made miso soup + udon. Shit. Tofu miso soup with udon. It actually tasted surprisingly good. Tofu miso soup is actually easy to make. It’s delicious. And it worked with udon. My dinner was so good. Had a protein shake after, watched space brothers. Did 1.5 hours of coding on my android app. Was productive as fuck.

Then watched midnight diner in Japanese. My Japanese is getting so good. Now. It’s 2am. Gonna play probably an hour, an hour and a half of Star Ocean 5 before calling it a night.

But honestly, today is like… the perfect dream Japan day. I just wanna write this down. Remember it. I’m thankful. I’m thankful that I’m in Japan. I’m thankful that the universe aligned. Even though I believe in chaos theory and that there’s no free will. Today was fucking awesome.