I just wrote in my diary “fuck. my life is so good” and… it really is. heh.

last week was basically getting back on schedule. going to the gym MWF and trying to up my sprint / interval training. it’s finally summer. or… it’s t shirt weather. i wore a t shirt outdoors yesterday and today. it’s 21C at 7pm. that’s spring in tokyo. i’m kinda worried about 41c summer.

the thing is. i think… no matter what there’s always negative aspects that exist. i’ve been looking forward to the warm weather for the longest time. and now that it’s finally here. i’m really glad. and thankful. and happy. but at the same time… there were bugs and mosqitoes already. sigh. urgh. there’s always something bad i guess.

i started learning / streaming haskell. haskell has been an interesting experiment. i’m only in… chapter 2. or week 2 of the lectures. it’s fun to be a beginner again. also frustrating. it’s like… i feel like all the problems would be trivial in python. but doing it in haskell… it’s like my brain just struggles to translate. i guess it really is like learning a human language. i just can’t express myself properly yet.

i started playing exist archive. it really does feel like a spiritual successor to valkyrie profile. the gameplay is similar and… the animation is beautiful. persona 5, star ocean 4, final fantasy xv and now exist archive. i’m finally get to feed my jrpg uh… hunger? now if only there was a xenogears / xenosaga like series.

i’m thankful that i can take a university level haskell course in tokyo. like… i’m getting so much education from the comfort of my home. haskell is actually beautiful. i can’t wait til i’m proficient at it. i’m thankful that it’s spring and there’s more sunlight. it’s helping me wake up at 830 and just be more cheerful. i’m thankful that i have complete freedom in my schedule. the highlight of my day is probably my 10 minute nap before jpop dance class. that nap was so amazing. lmao. damn. yeah. my life is so good.

my current schedule is reading books, learning haskell, gym, learning japanese, and playing video games. :D i still can’t believe. well… i did plan for this. so i get to enjoy the fruits of my planning. heh.