Today… running in the gym was just ridiculously hard. so was doing weights.

yesterday was my rest day. i had a big salty cha siu ramen. followed by coffee and milk tea. followed by a donburi for dinner. this morning i had a second donburi for breakfast…

before my workout… i decided to take a 3 hour nap. heh. so… too many variables… I’m gonna write down my guesses for what made me weak.

ramen - the ramen was really salty. i think i was dehydrated for most of yesterday? the 3 hour nap. i woke up… and went to the gym within 45 minutes of waking up from a deep sleep. the donburi breakfast. that breakfast is much heavier than my usual breakfast. the milk tea??

uh. since i don’t wanna cut out ramen. i’m just gonna avoid the 3 hour nap for next week. i’m gonna play for a ramen thursday. and then do a regular breakfast next friday. hopefully that’ll prove it wasn’t the ramen and probably the nap.

but what’s crazy is… the level that my body was… operating at. I was struggling to do the run at my warm up speed. my warm up run… took my heart rate to 165. normally my sprint heart rate takes me to 165. today the warm up got me there. urgh. nap or noodles is bad for my heart yo.

it’s time to continue with my haskell streaming. i mean learning.