It’s pre golden week. Saturday night. I just got back from the gym after doing jpop dance. I also tried to squeeze in a quick sprint and some weights. Sigh. Recently I’ve been constantly scraping my shins when doing deadlifts. Which causes me to take a break from deadlifting. Which makes me weak… which causes me to scrape my shins? Urgh. It’s funny because… I only scrape my shins when I space out. And I spaced out today so I scraped my shins. I forget what I was thinking about… but basically when I’m focused on my form and not scraping my shins. I don’t scrape my shins.

I’ve been meditating daily for awhile now… and I think I’m starting to get better at it. For one… I don’t just count to time until it’s done now. It actually energizes me in the mornings.

For my running goals. I hit 35 minutes at 14.1 km/h. I want to be at 60 minutes at 14.5 ~ 15 km/h by September. So uh… I’m not progressing at a linear scale. It’s been over half a year since I moved to Tokyo. By now I should’ve hit 40 minutes at 14.5. But I don’t really do many distance runs because it feels so boring and takes so long.

Muscle up / Planche / Human flag is uh… it’s like binary. I still can’t do any of the 3. I’m working on the planche progressions though.

I started playing Exist Archive. It is indeed the spiritual successor to Valkyrie Profile. The battle system and exploration system is so fun. Even though it feels like the story is non existent… I’m quite enjoying the game. What’s funny is that Exist Archive is a game aimed at kids, so there’s less chinese characters and now I can actually read faster than the voice acting. I feel so badass.

Been struggling with Haskell. It’s weird… I guess adopting the beginner mindset is hard. Or rather… it’s frustrating to start from scratch. It’s probably because my expectations aren’t reflecting reality. I should just adjust my expectations. I picked up golang really easy because it’s very similar to OO programming languages like Java/C++.

It’s summer weather here in Tokyo already. So nice. Today I walked in sunlight, the day was beautiful. I had delicious Japanese pho and vietnamese iced coffee. Heh. I’m trying not to think about leaving in September. Wow. That’s like… less than… 4 months. Damn. Only 4 months left of Tokyo paradise. heh.

I think my gym is gonna be closed for golden week. I’ll also spend a lot of time with friends so… gotta try and not pig out too much and undo all my progress. Off to play video games now. Life is good. I started reading some new programming books. Coders at work. It’s pretty interesting to hear about famous legendary people talk about their programming experiences. Maybe one day I’ll reach legendary status and write something on the scale of memcached. Heh. It’s weird. Writing that sentence… it’s like… I don’t believe I can write something as great as memcached. But… at the same time I know I have the skills to do it. Well… my version would probably be shitter. /shrug. It’s a paradox. I don’t believe I can do it but I know that I can do it. Meh.

I think I actually like Exist archive more than Final Fantasy XV. Man. I think FFXV was just… a disappointment to me. It had the potential to be so good… but it was barely mediocre. /shrug