Yesterday I went to Sweet Paradise, it’s a all you can eat dessert place. Omg. Mind blown. Too jokes. It was so delicious. It’s funny that… 70 minutes just goes by so fast. I probably ate too much but it was my only meal of the day. After Sweet Paradise all I did was drink water and play video games. Damn. My life is so good.

I’m currently listening to the Elon Musk ted talk - the guy is a true visionary. Sweet Paradise only made me borderline weaker… I still managed to run 1 minute at 19.6 km/h. I’m almost ready for 20 km/h. Actually, I think I can do it right now. I just gotta extend the 1 minute to 5 minutes and I’ll be done.

Haskell is uh.. quite the interesting learning experience. I do think that it changes your way of thinking and makes you a better software developer. But at the same time… I feel like people who manage to learn it is like… self selection. Like. The people that learn Haskell are the people that are good at Software Engineering and they always try to improve. So it might not be so much that Haskell makes them better so much that they were gonna be better anyways. Yeah. I’m a narcissist.

Wow. Elon Musk. Damn. He dreams big. I started reading YuYu Hakusho and it’s really good. Exist Archive is really grindy but it reminds me of Valkyrie Profile so the nostalgia factor actually making me really enjoy the game. It’s weird. I planned to learn Haskell in my time in Japan. And now that I’m doing it… it’s actually so much fun. Like. I guess it reminds me of all the other things that I think about. Like skiing. I always think skiing fucking sucks cause it’s cold and shit. But whenever I decide to actually go skiing. It’s so much fun. Heh. The same thing happens with doing hard shit I guess.

So maybe. In a way. Building Tesla and SpaceX while stressful and hard work… is actually fun. O.O

Alright. Going to stream Haskell learning now. Man. I feel so dumb when streaming. But… I also know that I’ll get stronger and smarter through effort.