Just watching dragon ball super in my hotel when I suffered 3 mega mosquito bites. It was super itchy. I stopped watching and tried in vain to hunt and murk the mosquito. My itch was so strong, I needed to murk something. But then I thought back to meditation on the ocean. When I meditated I just let the mosquitoes bite me. I guess, it’s nature. That’s what mosquitoes do. Bite people which causes itching.

When you meditate, you just see things as they are. When you remove the ‘suffering’ or the judging it just gets… easier. I tried so hard to fight the itch, and to murk something. But when I just gave up and accepted things as they are… without forcing. The itch actually subsided. When I tried to fight the itch, when the emotions were strong the itch was strong. The more I struggled the more I felt like the itch was present.

When I just gave up and accepted it. The itch… actually felt less. It’s like… not as much in my consciousness. Meditation. Brain power. Focus. Heh.

So I guess. Just let things be as they are. Or… if it’s already happened. Let it go~. hue. hue. hue.