I’m finally back home. I just showered. Life is good. Life is always good.

You know for all the bureaucracy and paperwork that I complain about in Tokyo, getting through the airport is actually quite fast. Both leaving haneda and getting back in. Then again I travel at off times. Sigh. I kinda want to complain about travel again. It’s like… one on hand technology is so amazing. Kings in the past couldn’t travel on airplanes cause they didn’t exist. On the other hand, the terrorists have won. Why the hell you gotta take off your shoes. Also, why you gotta separate your fucking laptop?! That.. just blows my mind. It’s like… such a pain in the fucking ass. Okay. I was gonna rant more, but don’t wanna be put on the government watchlist for having terrorist, bomb and rant in the same sentence. Whoops, wrote it anyways.

Japan is my temporary home. Do I want it to be my permanent home? Hmmmm. I don’t think I could handle the culture here… I guess it could be my permanent home if I could afford a luxury condo, and not have to work in a Japanese company. But I guess that doesn’t really matter either way for now.

It’s strange I guess. That Japan is my home. My current home. I miss my SF home. My SF home was so good. But… I had to leave. Soon, I’ll have to leave my Tokyo home. Then I’ll be homeless until New York. Sigh. I’m gonna be homeless.

I haven’t meditated or coded in awhile so I’m stoked to do both this week. It’s like… vacation was a big reset. Hmmmm. What’s it called. I just looked at the damage on my credit card. It’s not that bad. But, I definitely treated myself. I think the total damage was 2k over 10 days. Which is 200 usd per day. Which is… way over my daily budget. The massages were so good. I’m recovered now from my cardio death. Time to run and do weights and code. I guess it’s worth it. Time will tell.

I missed the French Open live, but I’m happy that Rafa won. I’ve always been a fan. Brute force Rafa over graceful Federer.

Vacation time just feels… so different. Even though I know time passes at the exact same rate regardless. Vacation time is a big time bend. The 10 days… just felt longer than… the usual 10 days in Japan. Crazy huh. Well. Gonna wind down for bed and get ready to crush it. Heh. Waku Waku wa~