I’m just gonna post an embarassing story… I guess I gotta write about the good and the bad and just be true to myself. I don’t think there’s a moral to this story… well there might be. There probably is but anyways… here’s the story.

I went to the Phillippines and uh… on the day that all my friends left I decided to stay an extra night at the 5 star hotel. I woke up and my pee was super yellow so I was really dehydrated… I didn’t know why but whatever. Then I took a dump and it was all liquid… so I guess that explains the dehydration.

The next night… I didn’t really pay much attention. But what happened was… I basically woke up and there was liquid shit in my boxers and bed. Urgh. Fucking gross. So yeah. I shit my bed. I think I ate something bad or whatever… but no big deal. I tough it out for 3 days and then I’m recovered. Life is good. Except.

At this point I’m thinking. I’ve made it. I’m recovered. My gut has the necessary bacteria. I’m basically a local now. I can eat street food and drink tap water. Horrible. Fucking. Idea. So then when I was recovered I got a bit more adventurous with my food and drinks.

I’ve been in Japan for two days now. Yesterday was really bad and this morning I woke up to shitting my bed in Tokyo. Urgh. Fucking gross. I don’t even know… it’s like. When I’m awake I don’t shit myself, but when I’m asleep I guess the shit just leaks out? Either way.. the virus is ruining my plans.

I was planning to be super productive when I got back to Tokyo. Writing lots of code and shit. Now… I’m like super dehydrated but I don’t wanna drink water because it’ll probably get shat out. Urgh. So thirsty… I don’t even wanna play video games. I just wanna be healthy. Blargh.

So uh. The moral of the story is. Don’t get cocky. Sigh. If only I was safe and didn’t get a second dose of whatever the crap was. Or… all your plans goes to shit when you get sick. Blargh. I guess for now I just gotta go with the flow. No big deal. Nothing I can’t handle. Surrender to the universe and me shitting myself at night. No big deal. =_=

Pretty embarassing. But more… that I feel that my days have been wasted. Urgh. Okay. Gonna go back to watch welcome to NHK now.