I installed D3 on my OSX machine. Sigh. I’m still surprised that I did it. I purposely avoided it on my last school term when it came out… since D2 took up way too much of my life and I knew that I have a tendency to be addicted to that type of game.

Sigh. D3 is like… perfection in terms of the dopamine hit. I basically played from 9pm~5am for the past 2 days. Wow. That’s 8 hours per day. Plus daytime. Sigh. I still don’t really get why I decided to install the game. It’s like. Why. WHY?! It slipped my mind. As in… I tricked myself somehow and here I am. But it’s nothing that I can’t handle.

Despite being sleep deprived. I went to the gym today. I actually managed to run 12 minutes at 15.1 km/h despite being sleep deprived, and recovering from post vacation. Whatever. I’m okay with taking a month off. But. It’s like. Damn. If only I could translate my D3 hours into productive programming time. If. Only.

JJ Lin style. There was so brilliant shit I wanted to write on how D3 is taking over my life but this time it’s different. Or. Whatever. It’s probably just because I’m an idiot. An idiot whose sleep deprived. Whatever. Time to level up my monk.