I’m a badass. It was raining like crazy… I had the perfect excuse to stay home and play D3. But, I got my ass out in the rain and got to the gym. Ran 7km… not even close to what’s needed for my target next week so I’m kinda worried. Then again, I’m sleep deprived from playing too much D3.

I think I went… simply because I missed so many workouts recently. Vacation, then getting sick. Rain isn’t a good excuse since rain doesn’t actually prevent me from getting to the gym and working out. When I was struggling to walk in the rain… I saw like 4 year old kids in their rainsuits… and it made me feel weak. Then again… high school girls can run a 5 minute mile while I’m not even close. Urgh. Weak.

I haven’t been coding at all recently. I think… maybe it’s because I don’t want it enough? I really want to hit my fitness goals so I made it to the gym today. But maybe… I don’t really want to hit my app release goals? No. I definitely do. So the alternative is… my habits aren’t formed as strongly. I’ve been meditating everyday. Well. Some days are worse than others, but meditation always happens. Same thing with workouts and dance on the respective days.

But yet, my programming isn’t perfectly daily consistent with my scheduling. I gotta work on my programming habit I guess. But at the same time… I’ve done so much. Just working on it in bursts as I’ve ‘felt’ like it. Hmm. I do think little by little habit is the better way to go though.

Okay. I’m a badass. I didn’t succumb to D3 and went to the gym. Now. I’m just gonna let myself go a little bit crazy for now. The season ends this Friday… so in 2 days. Then there’ll be a month break. I’ll train myself. So that for next season when I make my second D3 character… I’ll be able to program in addition to working out and still have time for D3. Sigh. We’ll see. Maybe in one month I won’t even want to D3 since I’ll be back to my JRPGs. /shrug.

For now. Went to the gym. Meditated. Thought too much about D3. So gonna play. Life is good.