Sigh. I feel like puking. Today… I skipped meditation. The first in a long time. Because I was gonna be late to toudai. I feel like puking. I feel really gross. It’s a combination of sleeping shitty, playing lots of d3, and eating shitty. Fuck. It’s like… I’m an alcoholic and I just feel shitty.

Even as I wrote that. The thing I’m most looking forward to doing… is playing D3 for the next 24 hours. The season ends in 36 hours and my friend arrives in 24 hours. So. I won’t have to to play after tonight and tomorrow morning. Shiet. That’s kinda messed up. But at the same time… it’s like. I don’t even feel ashamed about it. It’s like. Fuck. I feel like shit. But I’mma play D3.

Sigh. I’m not even disappointed in myself. It’s like. I accept myself for all my flaws. LOL. I know I can do better. But… you can always do better. Run on the treadmill for one second more. Whatever. I’m rambling at this point.

The point of this post. I sleep shitty. I ate shitty. I feel like barfing and like shit. This is probably close to a hangover. Yet, all I wanna do is play D3. Deal with it.