Sigh. So uh. I accidently deleted my post mid way and I’m sad. Now I gotta rewrite what I’ve written.

D3 is over. I’m over it. The season ended. Life sucks. Didn’t get my optimal monk gear that I wanted to play. Boo. Hoo. Actually. Life is pretty great. Right after D3 ended… my friend arrived. We went to Kobe and I got my dream picture with my Rin and Ron. Hehe. Too good. Dream came true lol.

Dad’s currently sleeping in my guest bedroom. He’s visiting from Canada and bought me my favorite chocolate chip cookies. President’s choice chocolate chip cookies. We had sukiya for dinner and the eel and beef bowl was so delicious.

I started dating this super cute girl that cooks and cleans for me. And also calls me goshujin~sama. It’s kinda crazy how it happened but things are going really well. I’m not meditating as much or exercising as well as I’d like though… but… I think that’s a conscious decision for now.

I’m working my way through the haskell programming book. Feels kinda basic for now. It doesn’t teach me the big three that I’m most interested in which are monads, functors and monoids. But I’m sure it’ll eventually teach me it.

I also started reading the secret. It’s a super cool self help / theory book. What’s funny is… it totally aligns with what I already believe in. So it’s just like… fuel to my beliefs I guess.

I can’t believe… it’s already close to mid July. Damn. Time… goes by too quickly. Blargh. Japan felt like…. forever in September/October. But now… it’s less than 7 weeks left. SEVEN WEEKS of Tokyo left. boo. hoo. I think the most important thing is to enjoy the time that I have left… and I’m definitely enjoying myself. I can do more programming and coding when I’m in China.

At the same time… maybe I’m not hustling hard enough? I mean. When I don’t get 8 hours of sleep… my gym / mental goes down. Hmmm. Sleep is too important. Trading sleep for hustle is… stupidity. This I know. This I know.

Also apparently there are 8 tones in Cantonese… which I didn’t even know. I speak Cantonese fluently… but today I learned.

Post D3 week was just too great. Kobe. Hit 10km on the treadmill for end of June. Bijin girlfriend. Dad visiting. Hella spoiled man. Life is good.