So this week I put in the request to cancel my lease. My lease officially ends September 15th. That’ll be the one year mark of when I moved into my place in Otsuka/Sugamo. Heh.

It’s kinda crazy. On one hand.. time seems to go by so slowly. Meditation this morning… was only 23 minutes but it felt so slow and long.

I finally got to go on the odaiba ferris wheel date. Man. My dreams came true lol. Living the P5 date in real life. I’m pretty lucky. Or… I actually don’t think it’s luck. I’m about halfway through the book the secret. And it’s crazy… whatever I did visualize… and want for my future. It has come true. I’ve experienced the secret results first hand without believing in it… so after reading it it just made my beliefs in it stronger.

I need to stop thinking so much about the future and just enjoy the present. But at the same time… my visualizations of my future are getting stronger. My NYC life is starting to become real in my mind.

No chance to read / practice more haskell. I just haven’t been blocking out my time efficiently. D3 has been way to… addicting. Even though I know it’s addicting. It’s still addicting. My Demon Hunter is almost paragon 400 in less time it took for my monk to reach… 300.

Going to be going to up north to yamagata for vacation weekend. I’ll get to see some of rural Japan I guess. That’ll be the final checklist of my year in tokyo. Almost.

Started watching the bachelor Japan. It’s too jokes. No subtitles but I can actually understand most of it. It’s pretty interesting. Then again… I’ve seen episodes of the english bachelor and I guess the interactions and dialogs are pretty much universal. Drama and jealousy / excitement etc etc.

Laundry just finished so I gotta go. Today is the big day. I hit 10km in June. It’s time for me to hit 50 minutes or 5/6 of 15km. Which is uh.. 12.5. Shit. 12.5 km in 45 minutes. Well. I’m gonna give myself an extra 5 minutes I guess so it should be easy and doable. Whatever. Die on the treadmill or success. That’s my mindset.