Just finished episode 4 of game of thrones. Damn. It’s so good. But more seriously… I had delicious breakfast and 3 slices of toast. I feel so fat.

Recently… I’ve been just playing way too much D3. It’s kinda bad. Way too much D3, horrible shitty sleep and delicious delicious food. I think… I’m just doing too much vacation. I told myself at the start of the year… I’d be okay with just wasting a year and playing video games and getting fat. So I guess… this is okay. But on the other hand… there’s still so much that I want to do. The fitness goals that I wanted to achieve for my year in Japan. While I don’t think it’s correct to say it’s now or never… I do think that this is probably the prime opportunity to train. Well. Prime time is always now. No time like the present.

I hit 91 on karaoke. I feel pretty badass. It was on a color/atsushi song. I got 88 and 89 on the JJ Song. My number one JJ song… so salty. So close… but it’s okay. I’m sure I’ll hit 90 by the end of August. It’s crazy. When I started I was only a 75 ~ 80. Now I’m actually like 85~90. Can’t wait til I’m consistently 90+. The thing is… while I envisioned myself singing great… it’s like. I couldn’t imagine it happening in three months. I mean. I could, but like… damn. The other night I was singing… and it was like. DAMN. I sound so fucking good. Then I preoceeded to mess up the subsequent verse cause I was too busy admiring my beautiful voice. www. Narcissist huh.

I went to yamagata and yonegawa. The village in the north. Oh. My yukata fireworks dream came true. It’s like… wow. There I was… having shaved ice. Wandering around the food stalls in yukata. Surreal man. It’s like. The fireworks were beautiful. The scenary was great. I feel like… there’ll be times when I’m alone and I can code and do cool shit. But for now… it’s okay to just enjoy the relationship and spoil myself. She dressed up in a red yukata. The moment I saw her in her red yukata was pretty doki doki and waku waku.

Only 30 days left before I gotta fly to hong kong because my visa is gonna expire. Haven’t really been meditating as much. But I think… my faith in future me is probably stronger than ever. Simply because… the present me delivered for past me. Somehow. Everything just turned out okay. I think future me will get me that luxury condo and S5 easy peasy. And Tesla. Gotta get me a tesla.

Recently I’ve just been enjoying and going with the flow. I guess two months of vacation out of my year isn’t too bad. Well. Treat yoself. I’ve actually been enjoying a lot of time off. I think… I would use to have this guilty feeling of enjoying time off… because I was raised that every moment should be used for productivity. But then… your life just feels so boring. For now… just enjoying each day. Everything’s good because that’s how I want it to be.