Wow. It’s… my last week in Japan. I’ll be flying out to china September 1st… which is less than 7 days away. Damn. It still hasn’t fully sunk in yet. I still need to sell a lot of shit. But I’m sure everything will work out. I sold my RX 570 this morning to a super nice guy that met me at my desired location and time.

Yesterday, I hung out with my Japanese friends at a bar in Shibuya. Then we went to watch Gintama with Oguri Shun in Shinjuku. Wow. The movie was so great. The whole time I was thinking… wow. Fuck. My Japanese is so good. My Japanese is so good! I understand everything. Whoa. Mind blown. Then… after the movie the escalator down on leaving the theatre. It was like… you leave the theatre and enter the bright city lights of Shinjuku. It just felt… very magical. I mean. I’m so lucky to spend a year in Tokyo. The movie was great, went with boku no ii hito and my Japanese friends.

Also had curry in Shibuya for dinner. Me and a friend tried going to that place during lunchtime once and it was packed with a line… last night we just ate there and it was delicious. Delicious japanese curry. Sigh. I’ll miss it, but I definitely enjoyed my Japan life. I say I’ll miss it and I’m sure that I will. But I also miss north america. Pizza, and of course my dear dear phoenix chicken.

Gonna repost my ads on craigslist later. I’m actually looking forward to Mayweather vs McGregor. I think it’ll be extremely one sided but I’m excited either way. Last night after the movie… I stopped by a 7-eleven for two onigiri and a chocolate chip cookie. The chocolate chip cookies in Japan don’t compare to Canada’s president’s choice but they’re growing on me. It was a delicious late night snack. I’ll miss the convenience store onigiri. $3 for 2… and it’s better than anything in North America. Damn. Damn.

Well. I think it’s just like… when it’s summer you want winter and when it’s winter you want summer. In the end… you just gotta enjoy the present. And… my present is pretty great.