Started moving some stuff. I still need to sell my fridge, tv, and… washing machine. Even if I don’t sell it. I need to dump it. Which… isn’t too difficult.

I moved my chairs and tables. So now I don’t even have a place to sit. I’m starting to feel. Uh. Sad? Anxious? Dread? Nostalgic? I don’t even know. Maybe the proper feeling is a little bit down. My perfect Japan life. I gotta leave it. Even though I knew I was gonna leave in a year. It’s like. Just when I hit my stride. It’s time to go. Kinda… sad.

I’m writing this on a really ghetto makeshift standing desk. It’s actually pretty functional. Just that the screen shakes when I type so I can’t do intense D3 on it since when I tried to run a rift on my dh I was getting motion sickness from the screen shaking so much.

But wow. In 5 days. FIVE DAYS. I’ll be gone. From Tokyo. My power and hydro will be cut. Life in Japan.. will become a memory. I guess. Sayonara sale within 5 days. Bleh.