I just listened to music on my Sennheiser HD 650. I just sat there and listened to music. It’s so beautiful. It’s been awhile since my last post and a lot has happened.

I went to China. I got so fat in China. I had pineapple oil… for 5 days in a row. 5 days in a row of pineapple oil and afternoon tea. Followed by another 4 days in HK. HK was more pineapple oil and afternoon tea.

In china.. the great firewall. Damn. I forget how much I depend on google for my life and work. I tried to login to my gmail. Google wouldn’t let me login. It sent a confirmation code to my cell phone… which is my google voice number. Classic catch-22. Gg. Locked out of google while in China.

In Hong Kong.. oh. I just randomly added an old friend on facebook. Then messaged him and was like. Treat me to pineapple oil. So I guess facebook does have some utility. I got to have pineapple oil with an old friend. The last time I saw him was in 2007. It’s been.. literally 10 years since I saw him. Last time in 2007 it was also in hong kong. Heh. It’s… kinda crazy I guess. Damn. We talked about hitting the airplane and other random shit. LOL. good times.

Hong kong toilets and washrooms. It’s like… literally soaked with piss. Every single public toilet was… wet with urine. It’s a huge contrast compared to the pika pika of Japan. I pretty gave away my Japan furniture and TV. In addition to that… I had to pay $500 to get rid of my bed. Urgh. So my bed cost $1000. Whatever. Totally worth it for peace of mind from roaches. In the end… I spent a fortune in Japan.. because I paid gaijin rent prices. Racism in Japan is real… /shrug.

But Japan was… exactly what I needed. I think. The step back to see what I wanted in my life was very valuable. I started taking Andrew Ng’s machine learning course. So much algebra and… matrix math. I can’t believe an eigenvector is actually useful. Sigh. I guess I shoul’ve paid more attention in Waterloo. The funny thing is. It’s crazy. You get a stanford level computer science course… from a renowned professor. Delivered via coursera / youtube… so you can learn at your own pace. Just typing that out. That gave me nerd chills. Like. You can learn from the best… the literal best. From the comfort of your own home. That. Blows ma mind.

I got to hang out with Kawachi ojo sama twice in his trip to Japan. I’m pretty lucky. Got to touch those D-cups. kekeke. I’ve been living the stay at home boyfriend life. It’s… pretty great. Like… we’ve been watching Kimi wa pet. The jdrama. And I’m pretty much a pet. She even washes my hair lol. It’s a weird thing because… I definitely did not imagine the pet life for my one year in Japan.

I turned 27 in Japan. I just flew over that month… spoke little Japanese and had one friend. I’ll be turning 28 in Japan. Living the pet life. My Japanese is so good now. Ordering in Japanese. Reading manga. Reading books. Playing video games. I think I’ll buy vinland saga and vagabond for my trip to China.

Hmmm. I forgot what I wanted to write about. Oh. Yesterday I went to the lindt store and had dark chocolate drink with dark chocolate cake. It was hella decadent. My life is just so good. It’s like. Learning from Andrew Ng. Reading the Haskell book. Listening to beautiful music. Japan desserts. Pet life. Yet… I’ll have to leave Japan. There’ll be 10 weeks in China. The great firewall of… sadness. I think… because of the firewall… I won’t be able to uh… permanently live in China afterall.

We’ll see. I was meditating today. I thought about my 10 weeks in China and how I’ll probably be driving in China. That kinda stresses me out. But now I have faith. I know that while stressful and probably difficult. Learning to drive in China is definitely doable. And eventually it’ll be easy and I’ll be able to drive… barely using my brain. I think.. in the end it’s all about belief in oneself. Now… I have way too much of it. Maybe. But life is great.

What was the point of this? Nothing. Just to recap how great my life is I guess. I’m thankful. Just like I predicted. Moving out of my old place… cost a lot of time, money and energy. But it was doable and I done it. And now… life is great. Whatever I was worried about… I still worry. I just believe that everything will work out. And it does. Usually for the better. Heh. So. Thanks me. For being positive and fixing all my problems.