Last night I was playing Yakuza Kiwami in Tokyo with my Japanese waifu. Goal achieved. It was great… watching her struggling to beat up thugs on easy mode and cheering her on to beat the crap out of some guy in the game.

I did my daily andrew ng ai lecture. But I haven’t been programming my side projects recently. I keep thinking that.. the future will be a better time to do it. But of course… the best time is always now.

Why is it that me and everyone else thinks the future will be easier? Hmm. I think there’s a twofold thought process. The first is… future you will be better than present you. That’s pretty much a given. I’ve gotten stronger and smarter every year thus far, and there’s no reason to believe that I’ve hit my peak. So it is true that future me will have an easier time and be better equipped to do the tasks. But what about the environment?

Why is it that I think in china I’ll be able to work with no distractions or suffering? I think… it’s because I don’t imagine the future with enough detail. Like Dan Gilbert would say… it’s easy to only imagine parts of your life and not the whole. I imagine just me being alone in china with super fast internet and… my desktop. But… of course that’s not the full picture. There’ll be extreme heat / coldness from the weather. There’ll still be mosquitoes and bugs. I’ll still have to eat food… so I gotta handle finding food and eating still. I’ll still need to sleep. I might get sick. I’ll probably spend time with family.

But. It’s like… when I just imagine china, desktop, future me. It’s like… such a perfect time that I should just wait for the future to do it. Blargh. I guess… in the end. It goes back to procress. Love the day to day and the process. Everything else will fall into place. I’ve been consistently reading, learning Japanese, and improving myself. Now… it’s time to add back in the programming.

Whatever you prioritize and dedicate to you’ll achieve. I’ve been doing pullups in the park now. Going out at night when there’s no one but me and mosqitoes. It’s kinda tough. And I definitely feel weaker. But I still get my butt out to do 20 pullups. Because.. that’s the least that I can do to maintain my strength. Man. I’m not even working towards the human flag anymore. I feel kinda sad.

But honestly… until I can do 20 pullups easily… the human flag is out of the question. So I just gotta focus on pullups, and abs for now. I guess. /shrug.

So the brain dump of this… post? Gotta do more pullups and coding. But otherwise… life is pretty freaking awesome.