So I haven’t been writing at all.. it’s because I thought that github was blocked in China… but turns out that it’s not. So all this time… I could’ve been writing posts. I guess the lesson is… don’t just assume and be lazy. In actuality, it’s just me being lazy and giving myself a reason to not write.

My last post was right before my birthday. Wow. Just reading back on that post, playing Yakuza Kiwami in Japan. Life was so good then. That’s not to say that life isn’t good now. Life is pretty great. The three things I’m thankful for today is having sweet round dessert things with my family in China. Working out and doing my stretches and rehab exercises at the gym. Also, for being able to watch Mr. Robot online today with chinese subs. Life is pretty great.

It’s 2018. Wow. A time that… I thought would never happen. I mean. I knew it would happen, but at the same time… when I first moved to Japan. 2018 felt like so far away. I had all the time in the world yo. I’m tempted to read my original article on the number of apps that I wanted to write. So far I think I have 6 android apps and will be working on the 7th. For iOS… I actually started seriously working on it in China. I’m gonna submit my first iOS app to the app store within 7 days. Before leaving to thailand.

How I envisioned China… and what actually happened was of course, totally different. And yet, it’s undoubtedly true that I got better. I’m on the up and up still. Well. Not physically… I think I’m weaker than my peak in Japan. Sigh. But meditation wise, I’ve been super consistent. It was easier for me to setup my schedule in China. Overestimated my productivity because I assumed super fast internet. 100 MBps or 200 MBps in china… is not even 1Mbps to the external world. Sigh. It makes looking up information really annoying but that’s only an excuse I suppose.

The nice thing about the crappy internet is that facebook / instagram is blocked. I think… I got a junk cleanse indirectly… and I think I’m gonna uninstall / cut back on social media. It’s too… junk. It’s bad for me mentally in the sense it’s just a waste of time. Important people will be in your life regardless of social media. Also your privacy is severely compromised when using those apps. Facebook reading my clipboard and all my app data, scary shit.

I did a retrospective on real paper, but don’t think I’ll write it out again. I learned alot and grew alot in 2017. I’m expecting 2018 to be another massive growth year. The first quarter of the year has already been planned out. China until end of January. Chiang Mai February. Kuala Lumpur and Amsterdam in March. Finally, returning home to Toronto in late March. Then becomes making my uh… dreams a reality. Well. I wouldn’t really say it’s a dream. More of a vision. Turning what I envisioned into reality.

For now… just gonna take it day by day and enjoy the process. I think… I’m due for another reading of the inner game of tennis. I finally get what it means to enjoy the game. I think. I was always focused on winning, and the results. But it’s really through the enjoyment of the game that allows on to elevate to the next level. I’m lucky to enjoy programming, software development, and problem solving. It just so happens that the enjoyment of the game of software development matches with my natural tendencies. But now I’m starting to see the enjoyment in the hard stuff or things that I didn’t previously enjoy. Sprinting on the treadmill, the pain is so good. lol.

Tomorrow is a coffee and manga day. I’m on the last volume of death note. My reading speed is still improving. Damn. It’s kinda surprising like. I know that as you get better you learn faster. Reading speed is key to learning… it’s just still so satisfying. Death note is such a joy to read. On top of that I’m learning Japanese.

That’s it for now. Happy new years and I’m still alive.