So. It’s been about 5 days since that… morning when two dogs barked and chased at me which made me hella nervous.

Since then I’ve been.. trying to uh. Be more aware of my encounter with dogs. Since then I’ve crossed paths with at least 10+ dogs. I’d say even 20. One of the closest dogs that I’ve crossed was like… less than 1 feet away from me. He minded his own business and I just walked by him. Well, actually I rounded a corner and didn’t see him til it was too late. And I didn’t want to make a sudden movement / detour.

So basically, barking dogs are rare. I’ve only been barked at once since then. And it was by dogs behind a fence because I paused in front of their house to check my phone. What this means is that, I should theoretically have nothing to fear. Barked twice -> no bite. Over 30 dogs no bites. Statistically, I’ll never get bitten. But, you can’t think that. That’s faulty logic because, it’s like saying. Because I ain’t dead I’ll never die. Which, is obviously false. It’s a tautalogy. Or whatever.

On the fear of dogs. It’s weird… because wearing pants make me less fearful vs wearing shorts when I’m walking to muay thai. But that’s just… irrational. Since, dogs can bite through jeans like it’s nothing. And it’s not even the fear of being bitten. I think it might just be… the fact that it’s unpredictable. Like. If someone told me. You’re gonna get bitten today by a dog. I’d be like. Okay. And go on with my day. The fact that some dogs are crazy just… that’s the scary part maybe.

Well. You can extrapolate that to humans. There exist humans that… are crazy. Murderers that kill for no reason or whatever. That’s some scary shit. But statistically, that’s really rare. Fear should correspond with the likeliness of something happening. Between me and a single dog even barehanded, I’m pretty sure I’d beat the dog if my life were on the line. Cause, I’m a monster. Well. I’m heavier than the dog. And weight dominates. What I’m trying to say is that, it’s the unknown and irrationality that’s scary. But. It’s never as scary as it seems.

So outta my irrational fear aka neuroticism I looked into some uh, dog behaviour stuff. Can dog detect fear? I don’t think so. But fear causes you to act… differently. Someone whose scared will twitch more. I think it’s the sudden movement that makes it more likely to be attacked. Also, the article said to avoid eye contact with the dog cause you’ll be challenging their alpha status with a fight.

Which brings me back. It’s funny. Alpha dog. Literally used to describe dogs and wolves. But I’m so use to the alpha male in the context of describing humans and leaders. And… I ain’t afraid of no alpha humans. Because we live in society where there are rules. Because of society, maybe we forget that we’re all animals. If you were born 300 years ago, you’d probably still need to hunt and kill shit to eat.

My brain is losing organization lol. Forget what I was trying to write. The point is, there are crazy people. People that don’t make sense. There are also crazy dogs. Dogs that will attack you regardless of territory or provokedness or anything. If it happens, it’s unfortunate but it’s like. Rare and fucked up. So no need to be scared. Don’t be stupid. But, the chances of it happening are pretty slim.

I started watching fate/apocrphyal or whatever. Watching it in Japanese with Japanese subs. My japanese is so good.

This week, watching GSL RO16 live. Scarlett beat Zest and Innovation. Wow. That’s like… I would’ve put the odds of that happening at 0. Like. 1/infinity. Especially, if you told me Scarlett would beat SoS, Zest, and Innovation. In a row. I’d be like. I’ll bet all my net worth on that not fucking happening.

But once again. I think.. it’s just hard work and never give up and never surrender. It’s simple in theory. Ask anyone. But, most people can’t do it. I guess… that’s the same with fitness. Everyone knows that to be healthy. Just eat less junk and exercise. Everyone knows but not everyone does. Cause it’s not easy.

Since we descended from animals. The fear is… primal. It’s like. I know to rationally to not be afraid of a barking dog. Because, bark != getting bitten. But. The animal dna is causing me to feel fear and alert. I’m ready. If it bites me. I’ll kick the shit outta it. Animal survival genes. I think society evolved faster than our dna which causes suffering and struggle.

I guess the moral of the rant is. Never give up never surrender. Humans are animals. Dogs are animals. Crazy animals exist. Fear should be proportional to the likelihood, but it isn’t cause animal dna changes slow.