Wow. March 7th. Damn. Time goes by so fast.

I just had delicious mango, and watermelon. The fruits, so amazing. Sliced, fresh and sweet. So cheap. Japan fruits were uh, sad and expensive.

The condo is so nice. 27th floor. It’s like… higher than any building I’ve stayed at almost. The view is pretty sweet. There’s a gym and swimming pool on the 11th floor. I don’t even have to leave the building to get to the gym and swimming pool. Damn. So spoiled. Went swimming today and had the pool all to myself. So nice.

I’ve just been in a really good mood recently. I guess… it’s cause I’m appreciating the struggle more. Well. I’m not really struggling right now. But it’s more of. Appreciating the work. It’s still hard to get to the gym, to put in the work. But it’s also enjoyable.

The flight from chiang mai to kuala lumpur uh, let’s just say ruined my zen. It was pretty rage inducing. With meditation and awareness, the rage is… less intense. But airport lines are just so fucked up. At the same time, travelling by air is a marvel of modern technology. Sigh. The dilemma. When I got to the kuala lumpur airport, the line was just retarded fucked up. But it was only 2 hours. I left the airport within 2 hours. So it’s not that bad.

Just that in those 2 hours, it’s basically standing in a non moving line carrying 50 pounds. Blat. Anyways. Airport lines ruined my zen. But it’s been a week and the long time of greatness in my luxury condo has made me reflect. The suffering was worth it. and in a way, the suffering is always worth it.

It’s been raining pretty much every day in kuala lumpur… but I don’t need to sightsee. Or leave my luxury condo. The view of the storms, from the 27th floor. So beautiful. Like. A tall condo. It’s just… looking out the balcony into the city. :) It’s just brings a smile to my face. I’m so thankful. That I get to experience the luxury condo life in asia. Future Alan will undoubtedly get a luxury condo that is on the 20th floor or higher. Preferable 50th floor or higher in the future.

I had triple burgers delivered to my place yesterday. Food delivery is wonderful. It’s.. just a weird feeling I guess. Like. My imagined future turned reality. And it’s so great. Damn. I guess I just gotta imagine a really nice future for myself in New York. One where… I’ll enjoy work to it’s fullest and live in a luxury condo. Or just a nice apartment in Manhattan. I’m certain NYC life will be great. Cause, I can envision it being even better than now.

I guess the point of the post is. I still need to work on my zen. Airport lines shouldn’t induce so much rage. Or. I’m the kind of person who is aware and zen and so… less rage at what can’t be changed. When I’m waiting in line. It can’t be helped.

Oh yeah. The supermarket is on the 1st floor of this building. The supermarket is indoors. It’s like. Mind blown. It’s even closer than Tokyo convenience stores. This is the future. Supermarket within the condo.

It’s weird. At first I thought Kuala Lumpur was a 3rd world country. To leave the airport via taxi. You HAD to buy a ticket. I was like. Why can’t I get on the taxi and pay with cash/card. Then after buying a ticket, the taxi driver had no gps and got lost 3x finding my place. Sigh. That’s retarded. I guess… the world just somehow works despite retardedness. But then… the supermarket within the condo. Genius. Also, most buildings in kuala lumpur and near where I’m staying. They’re all 20+ floors. I’d say most of them are 30+ floors. This makes North America architecture just… sad and uh. Old. A 3rd world country has nicer buildings and condo than Toronto, San Francisco, and NYC. NIMBY’s and greed from governments? I don’t even know. But rather than change the world, just change yourself. I’ll be moving to where the 30+ floor condos are instead of trying to fight retarded zoning laws.

That was a pretty big digression. Started emailing my people and setting up the feelers for job search. Life is great. It’s gonna be amazing time in Amsterdam. Harold and Kumar style with me and Kenny. So pumped. Life is good. All is well.