So. Amsterdam happened. It was… pretty great. Fuck. My life is so good. It’s like. I need to take time to appreciate it.

Amsterdam was amazing. Kenny flew in before me. We got a sick place in Amsterdam. It was so nice. I remember talking to an amazon recruiter on the phone, while be served a latte. Oh man. It was just so good.

I’d say drugs are bad. Well. To me drugs aren’t bad. But. I can see how drugs can be addicting. Drugs can give you the feeling of intense achievement, without working for it. It’s like. An amazing feeling. But it’s also empty. I’ve been thinking.

It’s like. Somewhere, there’s this crazy person in an asylum. The chemicals in his brain. Imagine that he’s permanently happy and joyful. But he’s like… unable to function in society and just lives in a jail. But his brain and animal feelings just give him intense joy. Is that good or bad? Do I wanna be that person?

It’s like. I don’t believe in free will. So everything that happens happens and it couldn’t have happened any other way. It’s like the matrix. Which I recently watched again while I was in Malaysia.

I started studying for engineering interviews. It’s like I’m relearning things that I already knew. And honestly, every interview question. I have the tools to solve the problem, but sometimes my state is bad. Or my brain just doesn’t work. Blargh.

Looking forward to flying to Manhattan next week. It’s gonna be dope. Free flights, hotel and meals being paid for. Just to interview. I’m so spoiled. So. Spoiled.

I work hard. But I’m also lucky. I dunno. I also suffer. I had a really massive meal at Asia legend today.

Well. Either way. My prediction is me moving to Manhattan in May. That’s what I wanted. It’s what I’m working towards. I tend to get what I want and work towards. Life is strange in that regard.