Really enjoying Toronto life. And Markham Life. It’s like… exactly like I envisioned it. Possibly better since, my sister got a condo downtown and I’ve been staying there. There’s a gym, and it’s walking distance to everything downtown.

But. I’m waiting on lawyers. I rather start work sooner. It’s like. I’m waiting for something outside of my control. I know that… it doesn’t help to be impatient. And worrying about shit outide your control is pointless. But it’s like… forced vacation is… not as enjoyable as chosen vacation.

Sigh. Even though my life is great. If I set a start date for late June, if I had planned that then that would’ve been good. But instead, I wanted to start in early May. Reality isn’t what I planned. It’s later… by a 6 weeks. 6 weeks of forced vacation. Sigh. All of it, is thinking. If I had planned for a late june start with a planned 6 week vacation. I’d be enjoying it so much more. It’s all just thinking though.

Sigh. Even though I know. It’s like. I always default to being slightly annoyed. That the lawyers are working so slow. Blargh.

Oh well. No big deal. Killed it at the gym yesterday. Had phoenix chicken and afternoon tea. Then had soup after dinner. Today I’m getting knife cut noodles from Pacific Mall. All the delicious food, and time with family that I envisioned.

Been playing D3. I was also playing Xenosaga 3 on PC. The Japanese version. My Japanese is so good. I can revisit old games like xenosaga and see how well the original translators did. What I’m trying to say is that… my life is so fucking good. But yet. I feel annoyed. Sigh. It’s just… the default. I think no matter what, people or me. Probably me, default to shit that sucks or shit that could be better. Rather than just enjoying.

I’m definitely enjoying. The weather is nice. Went out at 9am for coffee with Dad. It’s like… I’m at the coffee shop while other people are driving to work or commuting to work. And that feeling, it’s fucking wonderful.

Well. Well. Well. What I mean to say is. Life is good. No point in feeling bad about things outside my control. Just enjoy life. There’s no free will. So whatever happens happens and couldn’t have happened any other way. Life is good.