Wow. It’s finally here. Or. I’m finally here. In Manhattan. NYC. Work starts tomorrow.

The weirdest thing. My time in Toronto. I couldn’t wait to leave Toronto. It was like… too long. But when it was time to leave. It was too short. I didn’t eat enough phoenix chicken.

Man. The weirdest and stupidest thing happened. I… faceplanted. Thursday night. The night before my flight. I was sleep deprived… and uh, tripped on the way to the toilet. Sleepy me didn’t have the reactions to put my hands out. So at around 3am I faceplanted, and it looked like I was hit by a car or something. Cut near my eye, blood running down my nose towards my mouth.

What I mean is that, I’m gonna show up to the first day of work with two black eyes, and a cut on the side of my face. Not that it matters cause I’m a software engineer. But. That was fucking unexpected. Not what I imagined.

The weirdest accident. I’m traumatized now. When I wake up at night I’m like… always scared now. I walk slow like an old man. Dafaq. Even though I know it’s unlikely that it’ll happen again. I guess… the animal is now feared. Logic gotta win though.

Been looking at apartments in nyc all of saturday and already put in an app. Fingers crossed, it’s the one I wanted. My #1 choice from the beginning of time. It’s 15 minutes walking from work at 10 minutes walking away from my future bjj gym. But… it’s so expensive.

Oh. It also has a dishwasher. I didn’t know I needed a dishwasher. Til I lived with my sister and I used a dishwasher. Damn. Like how I didn’t know about waterproof phones, and when I found out all my future phones gotta be waterproof. Now, all my future homes gotta have a dishwasher.

I’m excited to start work, but uh. Not looking forward. Well. I am looking forward to it I guess. But first few days, orientation and getting to work at 9am. Means I gotta wake up at 730. First world problems. I’m used to uh… getting to work at 10am.

I gotta wake up early, and take public transit. First world problem. Yeah. I’m spoiled. Whatever. Just one week of public transit and waking up earlier. Then I’ll be free. And living the dream. Weird. So weird. Living the dream.