Right after things going too well. I got sick. Instant karma? Nah. Things can’t go well forever. That’s just… a fact. Getting sick is inevitable.

This whole week I was sick and miserable. I’m still not fully recovered. Fingers crossed for full recovery by Monday.

I went and tried a new HK style cafe in Manhattan chinatown. The food was mediocre. But. Peanut butter french toast. FOMG. So good. So fucking good.

Recently… before I got sick things were going really well. And I was having a feeling of… is this it? Like. This is the best it’ll ever be? But, no, I realize it’s not. It’s still gonna get better. I think you need to believe that it’ll get better in order for it to get better. Whatever you believe is true. It’s just the way your brain works. So if you believe that it’ll keep getting better and better then things will keep getting better and better.

There was… a moment of faulty wiring. When I slipped into.. negative thought patterns. But. I caught myself and stopped. Or maybe.. the sickness was what gave me a reset. Like. Bitch. You deserve to get sick for thinking negative stupid thoughts.

I feel like I’m a saiyan anyways. After this sickness… I’ll come by stronger than ever. I can feel my power level rising. kekeke. Seriously though. This week was a struggle in all areas but I limped through. And when I’m recovered. No more bullshit excuses and I’ll be on the up and up.

Ikea delivery failed me. No big deal. I can fix it. I finally got my chase sappire reserve. It’s so shiny. It’s strange. That I would identify with getting a credit card. Or that it even matters, but the reserve. It’s just so nice. I guess advertising and branding really works. The credit card is a part of my uh… style. Damn.

It’s almost end of september. Shit. I feel like time is speeding up again. Now that I’m… almost fully settled into Manhattan life. Time is starting to speed up. YABAI. It’s like… end of September. Then it’ll be Halloween, and thanksgiving… and Christmas. Then 2019! Oh shiet. haha.

It’s okay. I’m definitely enjoying the day to day a lot more. Living in Manhattan. Shit. It’s like… I don’t even believe. There was something I wanted to write more about but whatever.

I think things will still get better and better. There’s so many things I’m working on and the I’m still on the up and up. I’m thankful for that peanut butter french toast I had today. I’m thankful for the friend who knew I enjoy HK style cafe and bringing me there. I’m glad he’s crushing it and I’m sure I be crushing it too. Soon. Vacation is gonna be over once I’m recovered. I can feel my power rising. Oh yeah.