So much to be thankful for. It’s been a great day, a great week a great month and a great year. Damn. It’s like… my life keeps going up and up… and it literally keeps getting better and better. And… I think… of like reversion to mean… or like things can’t be good forever. And it’s true, eventually when I get sick… I just get sad. But I’m healthy as fuck now and life is fucking great. So thankful.

I went to the gym today. Still recovering my sprained finger from doing brazilian jiu jitsu. I told myself I’d start bjj after moving to manhattan. And I did. And it’s so much fun. Like… it corrected my belief that the sport is full of meatheads who want to uh… murk you. People that do BJJ are super nice and I think the higher the belt the more… safe you are. You’re less likely to get injured by a purple belt than a white belt. It’s just been so much fun. My hand is injured, but it happens. Just gotta rest and keep going.

I’m thankful for BJJ and the people I’ve met through it. So I went to the gym, toughed it out today. I bought all the shit that I wanted and probably didn’t need in order to hit my minimum spend for sapphire reserve. So I’ll have $500 for flights next year because I bought myself all the toys I’ve wanted. Literally, all the toys I want for myself… will be arriving within a week.

I bought a new gaming laptop along with ram, ssd x2, video games, a nintendo switch, 2x 27 inch monitors with a new monitor stand. What’s funny is I bought myself a benq gaming mouse that I’ve always wanted… and it’s my 3rd mouse and I haven’t even opened it yet since I bought it. So much for minimalism huh.

I started the year out… in China. From China, to Thailand, to Malaysia, to Amsterdam, returning to Toronto and then moving to Manhattan. It’s like… I’ve dreamed of Manhattan and it came true. I got a nice fancy dishwasher that I use once a week. So fucking spoiled.

I’m thankful for my coworkers at Google. We played CS:GO friday afternoon cause it was a half day pretty much. So much fun, and it’s like… I recognize that I’m now in a whole other level compared to before. Like, I spent $15 for 3 hours of video gaming with friends… and it was totally worth it.

I started working on some of my android coding projects again. It’s uh… I’m thankful old me wrote the garbage v1 that lets present me do a rebuild from scratch giving me clean code and inspiration.

I realize that… I just always look forward to the next thing. And uh, the next thing will be great. No doubt. But I definitely gotten better at enjoying the present and what I have. I’m always thankful. I stop to enjoy the beautiful manhattan scenery when I’m on the 14th floor looking out.

Things are on track, everything I envisioned for 2018. It’s come true. Once fucking again. It’s so fucking weird. Like… people always talk about visualization and like… hard work. Or like… whatever you think will happen will come true. And it’s… it keeps surprising me. Whatever… I want for myself in the future… it’s happening. It’s freaky as fuck. But so fucking good.

Of course, I fail to see some negatives. Like that monster roach in my toilet which uh… traumatized me. But that’s just… minor. Nothing I can’t handle. I think… there is nothing that I can’t handle. Cause, I solve problems and there are no unsolvable problems that’s been presented to me in my life.

One thing that I’ve been thinking of.. is that maybe I’ve been playing it too safe. I’ve been reading this book on the art of superman… and it says that you can access flow when you’re life is in danger. What they say is true, when you’re in danger, and your life is about to end - time DOES slow down. Because your body is trying to survive so fucking hard. And… I haven’t ever truly burned my bridges or been put into a situation where that flow hit me.

Flow is addicting. That’s why I always try to learn a new skill. Learning a new skill gets you into the flow state which makes you feel happy. Flow is like the ultimate drug. So november is almost over and december followed by Christmas and New Years is right around the corner.

I’m thankful for all my material possessions, but I’m more thankful for.. the skills and person that I’ve become. The journey for all the stuff does just make you better. I’m doing no shave november so I look like a bum.. but it’s cool. I still can’t grow a… full beard. Sad.

I’ve been planning out what I want for myself even more. Because… if you ain’t improving you’re declining. I think… I got a little complacent and stagnant. It’s like… I’ve become the champion and everyone wants to take my spot. But nah, I realize I’m far from champion. I still gotta grind, and work hard, and I’ve still got so much further to go. But - I enjoy the grind. The mental training. Mental trumps everything I think. And I’m still weak. I’m strong - but I’m weak. I could be much stronger… and I strive to become stronger.

Clarified my goals and the processes. Just gonna enjoy Manhattan. I’m thankful. Life is good. Too good. :)