I had to work on Sunday during the superbowl. It was crazy and hectic. The thing is… it’s not bad at all and I kinda enjoyed it. The thing is so many times I forget how lucky I am. Even though I do a weekly thankful post to remind me of all the things I’m thankful of… there are times when I just think negative thoughts. All this work that I have to do. Or all the laundry I gotta carry a whole two blocks etc.

The reality is that I’m really lucky. I work for a pretty cool company with lots of smart people. The company that I work for is almost my dream company. Almost. Or rather… I can’t really imagine a better company to work for. Then again I’ve only been working at 7 or so companies so maybe I haven’t seen enough of the world.

I went to the gym today… even though I was really tired from work and stuff. And it was great. I definitely feel better that I went to the gym. And it’s like… I could look at the gym as work… but really it’s I get to live in a place that’s like walking distance to a good gym. I was one of 3 people using the entire facility… it was like my own private gym. I mean… it doesn’t get much better than that.

A lot of the times I think of things as work. But it really isn’t because I enjoy doing it and it’s fun. I think that’s just a relic of the old thought pattern where anything that wasn’t retardedly easy and effortless with work. But fun can take effort too I guess. Well… I guess this somewhat turned into a thankful post. I’m thankful for all the amazing people in my life. It’s chinese new years. I’m thankful for the people that I work with. And I’m thankful that I live in a wonderful place. Life is good.