My first week of staycation / time off has ended. It’s been an amazing week.

I’m thankful that I can just take some unpaid time off as needed. I’m thankful for all the positive people that I have in my life. This week I actually spent most of my time catching up with people that I didn’t get to spend much time with. It made me realize how spoiled I am. Some of my friends work 9-5 jobs where they only have a one hour lunch. Every job that I’ve had gave me flexible work hours where my lunches weren’t timed and I can go get coffee whenever I want.

More recently I’m thankful that I live in the States now with I just ordered Sengoku Basara and Dynasty Warriors 8 for PS3 and… there was free single day shipping. I ordered at 3am today(saturday) and it arrives before 9pm today. I’m thankful that I’m surrounded by delicious food and everything is so convenient. I woke up… then walked 10 minutes to Sam Wo in chinatown for delicious food and dinner / takeout. Then I went to the target that’s 5 blocks from my house for some grocery shopping. Everything is walking distance for me and I’m spoiled.

The other day I had dim sum with a friend at 2:30pm. It was glorious. Like… the dim sum place is normally really packed. But it was a weekday at 2:30pm so I’m guessing most people have work. I feel so thankful that I got to experience what it’s like to be.. outside the realms of normal I guess. It’s like… if I were working I wouldn’t get to experience it. Everyone is at work… while I’m having dim sum. So thankful and so spoiled.

I’ve been reading How I raised myself from failure to success in selling by Frank Bettger. It’s a really interesting read. And I was just chilling in cafe / boba / coffee places while reading a book. I’m really thankful that I get to just… enjoy reading a book with coffee in an pretty much empty place. There’s two or three other books that I want to read in my break. I’m really looking forward to more book and coffee time.

I’m thankful that I got to binge watch all the anime that I’ve been backlogged. I finished Jojo’s Bizzare adventure Egypt arc and Isshuukan friends. :)

There’s way more stuff that I’m thankful for. But I guess this is a good start. I’m building the habit of writing a post each day. And this will be the 2nd post of the one post per day streak.