I’m tempted to write a mega annual thankful post but I think that’ll wait til closer to the new year. I still have another month left before the year ends and I think I’ll have much more to be thankful for in this month. I’ve already met some of the coolest people this year. And I also learned so much about myself and grew so much.

For this post… I guess I’ll just write about one thing specifically that I’m thankful for. And I guess… it’s technology and how I’m living in the future. Shiet… I’m an old man now. I’m like.. the old man that talks to kids about back in the day blah blah blah. I’ve recently been playing Starcraft 2 - Legacy of the Void on my Macbook Pro. And it’s… so amazingly fun. And nostalgic. Tempted to post some spoilers… I guess I’ll just say that seeing one of my favorite characters die… was sad.

But back in the day… I remember when I was a young kid who knew nothing about computers or programming. I remember having a P4 2.4 ghz PC with 768 Megs of RAM. I felt like such a badass for having so much ram back in the day. It was 512+256. I mean… how many people even have 256 back in the day not to mention two sticks of different sizes. I remember wanted to learn how to do thing from the windows terminal because the dos window looked so cool. Real men use the command line - I guess I stumbeld upon that at a young age before I even knew what command line really was.

It’s crazy. Now… my laptop has 16 gigs of ram. My phone has 2 gigs of ram. And my phone is a dual core. It’s so crazy that… looking back… I was imagining the future… and now that I’m in the future. There’s no way that past me could’ve predicted the future. I mean… that’s why whenever employers ask where you think you’ll be in 5 years or 10 years… I think that the question is bullshit. Because… so much changes in like 2 years. I don’t think I could’ve predicted where I’d be at two years ago… it’s like. Too far out and crazy.

Anyways. I guess for this post… I’m just thankful for the crazy technology progress in computer hardware and technology in general. My cell phone is faster than the computer that I use to play Starcraft on. And it’s resolution is higher than the 1024x768 monitor I had back in the day. And my cellular data is faster than the cable internet back in the day of 1M. Crazy right.

tl;dr - I’m thankful for the advances in technology and how my phone is more powerful than the machine I use to play Starcraft on