I just finished meditating. I did end up buying the Sennheiser 598 Black edition. I had kpop dance practice today and it was the final practice before the tech which is this coming Friday. I was reading an article on poverty on hacker news about how some people who grew up with poverty identify with poverty and thus are labelled as poor and mistreated by society by having to overcome barriers. Extra paper work at hospitals etc. Because they are perceived as low literacy or whatever.

I also recently read this article on hacker news about this italian programmer who struggled to learn English. He became fluent at the level of being able to communicate his programming ideas but not fully fluent. And I guess. It made me not realize… but like remember the fact that I’m really lucky and I have lots to be thankful for. I was born in Canada. I guess right now… sometimes I wish I were born in the America… (I hope that statement doesn’t disqualify me for future TN visa..). Being born in Canada with universal health care and a good public education system. Well… good is subjective I guess but it worked for me. I got access to tax paid public school education… and went to the University of Waterloo. I paid for tuition mostly by myself and graduated with really little debt.

I’m really thankful that I can speak fluent english. I think… something like that gets… discounted. I mean. I grew up in Canada and although the first few years of public school…the teachers said I had poor english or whatever. My dad was like “I’m more worried about my son not speaking Chinese” and I guess his worry was correct. I speak english order of magnitude better than chinese. But like… being able to speak fluent english is a pretty big advantage over the rest of the world. I think having any type of foreign english accent is probably detrimental to job searching. Even though it shouldn’t be the case.

I think I have a tendency to be negative. Probably like most people. Instead of appreciating the fact that I was born in Canada which is a really good place - I just think if only I could be born in the States. Or Japan. I mean… going to school in Japan would’ve been amazing. Like… the 3 school terms with a few weeks of vacation. The school festivals and uniforms. I’m gonna pull a my boss my hero and enroll in a Japanese high school at age 30. Lol. Instead of appreciating how hard working my parents were and how they sacrificed to raise me… I tend to wish that I had even better parents that were smarter, better and more supportive.

I’m really thankful for all the amazing people that I’ve met. And for all my uh… hunches and faith to have come through. I recently took 3 weeks of unpaid leave.. and it’s really great that my company lets me do that. Prior to this… I just quit my job and decided that I wanted something different and to challenge myself. I quit my job before I found another one because I had faith in my abilities and I knew that I could find a better job easily, and one that would satisfy all the requirements in my decision matrix. And everything worked out. Well. I guess that’s survivorship bias right there. But - I seem to always survive. And when I don’t survive. I guess you won’t be reading what I’m writing.

It’s the final week of my vacation. And it’s undoubtedly gonna be a jam packed finish. I got 3 books to finish. And a bunch of people to catch up with over lunch and stuff. This break has been so amazing to my recovery. I guess it’s true that you just need to take a step back to appreciate what you have. Amazon.com is so amazing. I need to just appreciate how great it is. Moving from amazon.ca to amazon.com. I think that alone is almost 50% of how great america is compared to canada.

I was too lazy to leave my house to walk 2 blocks to buy milk. And so… I got postmates to deliver me milk today. I feel so spoiled. I’m so grateful that… the technology exists for this to happen and that I can afford to use such a technology. I ordered some guess boots from amazon and it arrived so fast. I look hella good in my dance performance outfit. Folllow me on instagram to eventually see me post the picture. :)

tl;dr - I’m hella appreciative of the small things that I often neglect. Being born Canadian. Having a family that raised me without having to worry about food or shelter. Life is good