So much that I’m thankful for. First… I guess I wanna write down my thoughts on the performance since it was today and it’s fresh in my mind. I didn’t really have a goal for the performance… it was mostly to have fun. I guess… I didn’t want to aim for perfection since perfection isn’t really possible. There’s always gonna be a better and a worse. I think I performed in the range of expectations which is not too good or not too bad today. It was so much fun. I got to sit for the tech… and uh watch the other group perform. I think… I’m finally starting to understand dance / choreo. The thing is… learning new pieces was always really difficult because for me it was always learning arbitrary moves paired with music. I think it’s because I didn’t understand the basics / underlying principles. After watching most of the shows… I think it’s obvious that the moves are synced to the music in a sense that a beat / drop is usually associated with a strong / step move. Mind blown. I guess it’s good I’m starting to see a pattern and not seeing it as a series of random movements.

The other thing is… all the other performers were really really good. But like… they were also practicing for months and most of them had years of experience. I guess… it’s unrealistic to expect that I could become as good as people who started dancing when they were 5. Oh. Also the opening was a kid’s dance to Michael Jackson songs… they were hella good and hella cute. A lot of people see the performance… and then they want to be as good as the performers… but then they don’t see the years of practice and hard work that allowed the performance to happen. The other thing is… I recently finished the book Software Project Survival Guide by Steve Mcconnell. And I find that a lot of the concepts apply to real life more than projects. Well… I’ll write a full review on the book… but I think the book is mostly targetted towards medium / large corporations and not really start-ups. Anyways… it’s much cheaper to catch mistakes early on. If defect that slips in the planning stage… cost 200x more to fix in the development stage. And… I suddenly thought of the dance choreo and uh. Learning new things. If you learn the dance choreo wrong / not well in the beginning and you just practice… towards the end it gets much harder to get it right. So don’t just approximate the moves… always learn it correct the first time. I think… my deadlifts / squats need a rework. I think I might have learned some wrong stuff.

Well. I’m thankful that I got to work with an awesome dance instructor and meet some really cool people as part of my kpop performance dance workshop. I’m thankful that I got to see the tech reharsal of all the other major dance groups. Like… it feels like VIP to sit in an empty theatre and watch the dancers perform. I’m thankful that I have and amazon prime. I just ordered a lumo lift for posture and a box of lindt chocolate and it’s expected to arrive tomorrow. I remember…. growing up as a child Lindt was considered gourmet chocolate since it was expensive and I/we couldn’t really afford gourmet chocolate. I gotta remember to take pictures with everyone tomorrow.