Wow. The craziest thing happened to me this morning and I feel like I have to write about it. It’ll probably be cleaned up in a thoughts post. You know… the inner lazy monkey voice? The one that when you want to do work tells you to read hacker news or reddit? To eat that cookie? When you want to the gym - it gives you a list of reasons to stay home and you need to willpower it to be able to take action? This morning… my monkey convinced me to go to yoga. It was like… so different. Normally it’s me trying to convince the monkey to go to yoga… but this morning it was the monkey convincing me. The monkey is from this site.

Before I forget.. this is what happened in the morning. Alarm went off. Let’s go to yoga. But I already missed 3 weeks of Saturday yoga. monkey - all the more reason to go. But it’s santa con - you went to yoga on st patty’s day. But I’ll be late - you’ve gone to yoga late plenty of times. but it’s cold - don’t worry yoga will warm you up. but i rather sleep - remember the benefits of yoga and how it’ll help your mind and body. It’s just… too crazy. It’s like… having the monkey on the side of what the proper action should be. I think… that’s probably what people who say follow your dreams and follow your passion means. When you have the monkey on your side… you’re pretty much unstoppable. Also - I don’t think my monkey can be defeated by logic. Because he’s logic and convincing as fuck. Hmmm. Maybe I’m crazy. And only my monkey is amazingly logical. /shrug.

So yeah. I went to yoga this morning with a big boost from my monkey. So I’m thankful that my instant gratification monkey is sometimes on my side. I just got back from lunch and some grocery shopping. I’m thankful that i-tea is between me and grocery :D. I’m thankful that I got my Chase Sapphire Preferred. I’ve gotten all my dream credit cards from a few years ago now.

I was playing Yakuza 5 yesterday. I finally finished the download and install. And I’m thankful in so many ways for Yakuza 5. I’m thankful that I have the fastest internet that I’ve ever lived with. I currently have 50M down with no download limits. I downloaded an entire PS3 game without having to leave my house. That’s pretty crazy. Yakuza 5 is such a good game. I just love the japanese voice acting and how it really feels like your transported in japan.

Yesterday I was the stage manager for the dance performance at CCSF. I’m thankful that I got to meet so many people and I can’t wait to perform with my group.

I’m thankful that I get to work with smart and talented people. At work I’m on this team that’s working such challenging things. I like working with people who are much better than me cause then they expect me to be as good as them which forces me to improve at a much faster rate. I think that’s the case with whatever that I choose to persue. Programming / Dance / Running etc.

On a side note - I’m thankful that UFC 194 and that no injuries happened. I’m so excited for Weidman vs Rockhold and Aldo vs McGregor. Weidman vs Rockhold is exciting because Weidman hasn’t really been challenged by anyone except Silva in his first fight. And Luke dominated Lyoto. That was some crazy shit. It’s like two fighters in the absolute prime who surpassed the previous generation. So excited. And then Aldo vs McGregor. I actually think Aldo is gonna dominate this fight. He’s been untouchable and is basically Anderson Silva Jr.

I’m thankful for all the friends that I’ve made. I ordered a charge HR so soon I’ll be able to monitor my heart rate 24/7. As well as my sleep. To determine if I’m actually sleeping enough.