There’s so much that I take for granted I feel. I’m thankful that I have friends that I can just reach out to after not really talking for months and having everything be normal. And them being there for me. I’m thankful that I escaped Canada and the horrible internet caps. My friend ran out of bandwidth this month… while here in SF I have unlimited bandwidth and 50M download which is faster than anything that I had previously.

I’m thankful for It’s like… literally one of the bestest things about living in the states. I would buy their stock… but it’s like too expensive for me. I ordered myself an xperia m4 aqua because it was on sale recently. I also got myself a 128gb microsd card for $40. So for about $200 I got a fully decked out waterproof phone. Technology is pretty amazing.

I’m thankful for the fact that there’s 24h fitness. It’s great that I’ve built up the habit to work out. I went to the gym today from 9~10pm right around closing time. I’m still weaker than my peak… but my deadlift is at a personal best. I also got myself a panani machine on amazon for like $30 on a whim. I’m thankful that I now have the growth mindset and I like to experiment and try out new things. I’ve been making grilled cheeses from a pot. Like a stainless steel pasta pot. Just because I don’t own a frying pan. I can’t wait to make sandwiches on my panani machine.

I’m thankful that I have access to decent healthcare. I recently got my hep a / b vaccines in preparation for my cousin’s april wedding in Dominican Republic. I’m thankful for steam and the steam christmas sales. It hurts my wallet and my backlog is greater than 3 years but still. Steam has advanced linux gaming so much. I’ve been playing Baldur’s Gate 2 Enhanced Edition on my linux machine with my friend who is on windows. Linux and Windows cross play. That’s pretty amazing. Via steam. I can’t wait till steam box takes off and more and more games get on linux.

I think… I need to stop thinking of things that I want to do as work. It’s not work because I want to do it. I’m thankful that I didn’t get too sick this year. I remember last year I was sick and it wiped me out for 2 weeks of my holidays. It’s important to not take health for granted. Whenever I’m healthy… I always end up abusing my body because I’m so healthy you know. And then I sleep bad and eat bad. It’s important just to be thankful that I’m in good health.