Wow. A month is almost done. 1/12 of the new year is gone. Shit. Time flies yo. It’s totally a product of me being an old man.

Anyways. I’m thankful that I have good healthcare coverage in the States. It’s a rare privilege I suppose. I got my Hep b shot this morning. It’s in preparation of my Dominican Republic trip in April.

I’m thankful that I have the flexibility to work from home. Yesterday I went to see the sports chiro. I’m thankful of my sports chiro and of the person who introduced me. The sports chiro helps out with my back and my posture so much.

I’m thankful of instacart. I’m gonna have my weekly groceries delivered in about 2 hours. It’s pretty sweet.

I’m thankful of the support and uh warmth of my dance group. We learned house dance again and it was so much fun just like… jacking around. haha. Also the cyclone kick. I can’t wait till I learn the shoryuken shuffle.

I started reading… this psychology book. Man. I’m thankful of all the resources that I have access to.