Today’s unique event was helping my friend move his furniture. Woke up at 1030am and walked up two flights of stairs to help him move his bed and shelves. It was about 20 minutes of physical labour. This is the guy who referred me to the building and helped me find the perfect location in SF to build my lair. Hehe. Lair. Sometimes I wonder… if my SF lair will be looked upon as the most fondly. You know how people with startup growth and stuff.. their favorite story is of the grind. Back in the day we had to code in a dark basement yadda yadda yada. It’s like.. back in the day I had a studio in SF. It was the shit. Maybe someday when I’m rich with my mansion I’ll look back on the days of my SF lair life.

I’m thankful that I live in such a nice location. I’m glad that I got to help a friend out with random stuff. I think… it kinda goes full circle. I went to yoga today. And wow… yoga was hard. It’s surprising that downward dog still isn’t a restful position for me. The thing about full circle is what I’ve been thinking about wanting stuff and achievement. It’s like dreams -> achievement -> new dreams -> new achievement. Or in the case of the helping friend behaviour… don’t wanna help -> can help -> want to help. Or in the case of talking to strangers at a party for me it’s can’t talk -> can talk -> don’t wanna talk. It’s like… the action is the same… but the thoughts behind the action is way different.

I’m thankful for the nice california weather today. The walk to yoga was actually so enjoyable. The days are starting to get longer which is good.. since sunlight is good for my health. Oh. The other thing about full cycle is that some of my friends went to Tahoe this weekend. It’s like… don’t like trips -> trips are fun -> i’d rather go to yoga then tahoe. The action of don’t like trips and i’d rather go to yoga is the same (staying home) but then the reasoning behind it is so much different. But it does feel like a full circle. It’s like… I attended toastmasters to get better at public speaking. But I don’t ever use the skill because I don’t need it.

I guess I’m thankful that I know myself better and that I’m better at just doing what I want. I think I’m just better at embracing my selfishness now. I’m selfish.. but I sometimes enjoy helping others. = deal with it.