I just spent Friday playing Street Fighter IV and Magic with a dance friend. He came over to visit the headquarters and play some video games and magic. I think… there’s just a lot that I take for granted. Like… when people visit my office they are quite surprised by how nice it is. We have the PS4 + Wii U setup for video games.

My work machine. I’m so spoiled. It’s the best 15’ Macbook Pro you can get. It’s fully decked out with max ram / ssd / graphics. I have steam on it and Starcraft 2 and use my work laptop as a gaming machine… just because it’s so powerful. I have a desktop that’s more powerful… but my desktop is Linux only. I wouldn’t have access to OSX if it wasn’t for work.

At work… I have a DAS mechanical keyboard and a steelseries uh… sensei gaming mouse. It’s like… the coolest gear that I would get for myself at home if I could. My home mechanical keyboard isn’t even as ‘nice’ as a DAS. It’s still a really nice mechanical keyboard from steelseries but not quite DAS level. I remember uh… back in my University of Waterloo days. It’s like looking over coop job descriptions. They let you get whatever gear you want… so you could like pick a new windows laptop or like have $1500 to spend on a laptop/desktop/keyboard combo… and I’m thinking now… in the present my laptop / keyboard / monitor / mouse setup at work is - it really can’t be much better.

My friend was quite amazed by the office and my work setup. And to be honest… if you asked the old me back in the University of Waterloo days. If I could predict my work life… you know the interview question - what would you be doing in 5 years? 5 years ago.. I was 22 and about to graduate from the University of Waterloo. If I were to guess at my outcome then… my current situation is like… I would describe myself as lucky as fuck. If I were really lucky… I’d get to work on the next up and coming startup. I’d get catered lunches. Make over 100k. Have my own place. Get to work with really cool technology.

Like… the 5 years ago me… this would be like the ideal dream life. The 1% chance almost. And now I’m living it. So I’m hella thankful I guess. It’s weird that… I take so much for granted. What’s crazy scary is… I wonder what 5 years from now will be like. My dream for 5 years from now… will I achieve the 1%. The best that I could possibly dream of. When I’m…. 32. Will everything that I’m dreaming of now. The 1% ideal world come to fruition? It’s kinda scary. On one hand… I actually believe that it’ll happen. All my dreams will come true. Like… I mean. If I’m living the 1% dream from 5 years ago… why can’t I be living the 1% dream that I have now? I think I can do it… and I’m taking the steps to make that a reality. Shiet… it’s like… scary and exciting at the same time.

I’m really thankful that my passion of video games lead me to software engineering and then having met some crazy mentors in silicon valley. I think I already wrote a post about it. I’m honestly surprised at how good I’ve gotten. And how good some other people can be.

I took over on call for a coworker so I’ll be on call for Valentine’s day weekend. Forever alone. -,-