I’m thankful that my Dad visited me all the way from Toronto. He boughht me president’s choice chocolate chip cookies x3. It’s like… one of the few things that I really miss about Toronto. Them chocolate chip cookies.

I went to Cafe la Press with my dad and had an egg benedict. It’s really funny because I was craving egg benedict ever since the shoukugeki no souma episode. I’m thankful that I got to have fancy french food that’s one block away from my house with my dad. Also egg benedict. Sadly it didn’t compare to the anime version.

Then itea. I tried out the panda milk tea. So goood. For dinner I took my dad to cheesecake factory. I’m thankful that I get to have such a delicious cheesecake place. I was annoyed by the fact that you can’t book and stuff. Waiting is a huge pet peeve of mine… I need to uh… get better at it. So far I’ve just been avoid all places that need to wait.

I think whenever visit it makes me realize how lucky I am. My home is like… the perfect setup. And it’s close to everything. Ramen. Burgers. Boba. Cheesecake. So much goodness that I sometimes take for granted.

I booked Alexander’s steakhouse for tomorrow. I’m thankful that something fancy and nice as Alexander’s steakhouse is in store for me. Tomorrow will be golden gate bridge and fisherman’s wharf tour guide.